Jesse Kinch, ‘Rising Star’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jesse Kinch, Jesse Kinch Rising Star, Rising Star Finale, Rising Star Winner, Jesse Kinch Seaford, Rising Star 2014


Jesse Kinch is the rockstar from Rising Star and he has definitely earned that title. If anyone can win, it’s him. Check out the 5 Fast Facts on Jesse Kinch …

1. Kinch First Performed at a Rock Club at the Age of 7 Years Old

Jesse Kinch, Jesse Kinch Rising Star, Rising Star Finale, Rising Star Winner, Jesse Kinch Seaford, Rising Star 2014


Kinch learned to play the guitar at age 6 and by age 7, he was already playing in New York City clubs. The Long Island Press gives his full resume of gigs, writing:

By seven, he was performing in a NYC rock club. At 10, he competed against adult performers in the Sam Ash Guitar Competition where he finished in third place. By the time he took the stage on “Rising Star,” he’d had a headlining gig at the “Rock for Haiti” concert, appearances on Good Day New York, News 12 Long Island, and Channel 55 News, and airplay of his original songs on both WBAB and Q104.3NY behind him.

2. His Father Is the Reason for His Soulful Style

Fred Guarino, the president of Tiki Recording Studio, has worked with Kinch since he was 13 years old and he says that Kinch’s father is actually the influence for Kinch’s soulful music style.

The big influence on this kid, which is so special, is that his father, who’s a big fan of poetry and music and lyrics– taught Jesse at a very young age. He said to him, ‘Don’t sing this song unless you feel every single lyric. You have to perform the words as if you’re living them. Bleed for those lyrics.’

The Long Island Press continued:

When his father recognized his son’s penchant for music, he introduced him to his record collection. Whenever Kinch expressed interest in a song, he and his dad would go over the lyrics, breaking down every line, discussing their meaning. Under this kind of tutelage, Kinch developed a love for rock songs of the 60s and 70s, a time, he says, where “there were really no boundaries. It was poetry and music combined. And I think people really put their heart and soul into the music.

3. He Really Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing On Stage

Jesse Kinch, Jesse Kinch Rising Star, Rising Star Finale, Rising Star Winner, Jesse Kinch Seaford, Rising Star 2014

According to Kinch, he has no idea what happens to him on stage. Something comes over him. He revealed:

When I get up onstage to sing a song, something happens. There’s a change. An emotional change. And it’s like subconsciously I don’t even know that I’m doing it. I’m breaking down this whole song. I know the song so well. It’s like I am the song.

4. His Rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” Is Nothing Like You’ve Ever Heard

One of the amazing things about Kinch is his ability to transform a classic song into a melody you could have never imagined. Judge Ludacris even said it was insane how he actually took a Michael Jackson song and made you forget it was by Michael Jackson. Have a look at the above clip, showing Kinch’s “Billie Jean” performance. The Long Island Press wrote:

You can see that influence when he takes the stage. He doesn’t perform music; it overcomes him in a stunning transformation that gives rise to gooseflesh on the arms of his audience.

5. “I Put a Spell On You” Is His Most Searched Performance

On the series premiere of the show, Kinch gave an amazing performance of the song “I Put a Spell On You,” which earned him a standing ovation. Have a look at Kinch’s most memorable Rising Star set in the above video. Kinch’s website bio describes his musical abilities as this:

Jesse’s music and lyrics are based on themes that all generations can relate to. His classic rock influences blend with his unique style. His music is real. His performances are real. Jesse is a rare combination of natural ability combined with a passion, spirit and energy that is evident in his original music and his live performances.

In addition to performing cover songs like this one, Kinch has his own original music as well.

Jesse’s original songs are being written at a fast pace and are gaining attention from fans all over the world. Jesse’s original material deals with provocative subject matter and contemporary themes. His lyrics are stimulating and profound.


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