Josh Flagg, ‘Million Dollar Listing LA’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Josh Flagg has proven himself to be a creative and successful real estate broker in life as well as on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, but there’s more about him you may not know. Read on for the suprising facts on Flagg below …

1. Grandma Edith Flagg Was Josh’s Best Friend

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Bravo television viewers have become devoted fans of Josh’s grandmother Edith over the years. She’s the epitome of the American Dream and always offered wise advice as well as clever quips to her grandson. Josh called Edith his best friend and recently, Edith passed away. For more information on Edith’s life, have a look at the below links:

2. Colton Thorn Is Flagg’s Boyfriend

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For years, Flagg has been dating Colton Thorn. Last season, Colton had given Flagg an ultimatum and Flagg, of course, chose love, moving on with his life together with Colton. For a few seasons, viewers weren’t aware that Flagg was gay or even had a boyfriend. When Flagg decided to write a book, it all came out and viewers love him for it.

3. Flagg Must Defend His Territory This Season

Flagg always manages to come out on top, but there are two new agents on the block this season and Flagg will have to fight harder than ever. According to Bravo TV:

Josh Flagg has enjoyed the splendors of being a top agent in Beverly Hills, but with a new slew of agents on the rise, he is forced to protect his precious piece of the pie by any means necessary. Still accused of being a spoiled rich kid with a silver spoon in his mouth, Flagg struggles to prove once and for all that he’s a self-made man.

4. He’s the Descendant of High-Profile Grandparents and Great Grandparents

Josh Flagg, Josh Flagg MDLLA, Josh Flagg Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Josh Flagg Million Dollar Listing LA, Josh Flagg Photos, Josh Flagg Pics


Not only was Flagg’s grandmother Edith a mogul and Jewish leader, along with his grandfather Eric, his relatives on his mother’s side of the family were esteemed people as well. Wikipedia writes:

Flagg is the grandson of philanthropist and Jewish leader Herman Platt and great grandson of Benjamin Platt, founder of the nationwide Platt Music Corporation chain of stores. His great-grandparents on his mother’s side were residents of California since the late 1800s and are known for their contributions to Jewry.

5. Flagg Was Arrested for Theft

Josh Flagg, Josh Flagg MDLLA, Josh Flagg Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Josh Flagg Million Dollar Listing LA, Josh Flagg Photos, Josh Flagg Pics


Believe it or not, Flagg was actually arrested for theft. Wikipedia has the whole story:

In August 2008, within a few weeks of the television show’s premiere, Flagg was arrested for allegedly stealing works of fine art belonging to his clients.[8] The objects allegedly included works by Chagall and Picasso. Flagg was immediately released on $100,000 bail.

Fortunately, the Los Angeles County District Attorney declined to prosecute due to insufficient evidence. Flagg actually then sued by the estate of Marcia Israel over paintings and jade sculptures intended for the Marcia Israel Foundation.


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Million dollar listing LA Unfortunatly there was only great guy on that show, Madison but he won t be thyere anymore so Iwe will stop watching the show so we won t have to hear Josh Altman and Heathyer being nasty to everyone !


Gross, gross, GROSS!!! MADISON has been and I feel always will be my ABSOLUTE LEAST FAVORITE person on ANY of all of the shows on Bravo, in existance!!! I was thrilled when I learned that he would not be showing his wormy face on this season of MDL!!! Praise the heavens – WOOOHOOO!!! Bravo to Bravo!!! 👊👊👊


IMO Colton seems to be SSSOOO needy & a whiner. I’m really sorry about Josh losing his Grandmother! I really like Josh but I wish he’d lose the beard. To me it looks like his face is being eaten by a parasite or a fungus! Why cover up that handsome face & look like a homeless person? I wish Josh the best tho!

Benoit Desmarteaux

As a psychiatrist, i have an opinion anf even if I like Josh Flagg soory Josh but I think your Boyfriend is with you for the money, I noticed that the very first time I saw the show and there is someone who works witm me as the same opinion. Why do you think he wants a child with you. Easy to guess especially when you know the law in Califirnia. I wish you to realise that as soon as possible, I don t like people who manipulaye people the way he does, Once again, sometimes it s better to be alone than two … Benoit

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