Juno Temple: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

At just 25, British actress Juno Temple has already acted in 32 films.

Her diverse roles include a schizophrenic and murdered girlfriend.

She told Entertainment Weekly, “I definitely fear a bunch of the scenes that the characters I’ve played have to go through. But I want to be challenged. I want to keep my heart pumping and my blood rushing.”

As her newest film, Sin City 2, comes out on August 22, let’s learn about her career and personal life.

1. She Plays Liotta’s Mistress in ‘Sin City 2’

In the sequel to 2005’s Sin City, she plays Sally, who is Joey’s, played by Ray Liotta’s mistress.

She told MovieWeb about the experience:

That was such an exciting thing to be a part of, because each story is almost like it’s own little story within itself. Also, to get to work with (director) Robert Rodriguez was bad-ass, man. He’s got this whole world he’s created down there.

2. She’s Comfortable With Nudity

juno temple movies


In Killer Joe, she stands in front of Matthew McConaughey naked.

She told the Telegraph,

Learning to lap dance was liberating. It made me more at ease with my body. But we all have: ‘Am I smart or pretty enough?’ moments. I’m more comfortable about nudity when I’m playing someone else, but putting on a bathing suit at a pool party? That’s still intimidating.

3. She’s Dating Kristen Stewart’s Ex

michael angarano


She met Michael Angarano on the set of The Brass Teapot.

In an interview with Elle, she gushed about working with him:

It almost feels as if he’s from a different generation. He’s so inspired by the Paul Newmans, Al Pacinos—that kind of work. He’s so invigorating to work with. It’s great.

They went public with their union at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

A source told Us Weekly, “They try keep it pretty quiet but very supportive of each other,” the source explains of their low-key relationship. “She’s blowing up and she loves having him around to help take away some of the stress of it all.”

4. She Has a Movie Coming Out With Daniel

In Horns, out on October 31, she plays opposite Daniel Radcliffe. In the film, Radcliffe's character grows horns after his girlfriend’s death. Temple plays the murdered girlfriend.

Watch the trailer above.

In the film, Temple endured a rape scene.

She told the Telegraph:

I’ve had to do a couple of rape scenes and they’re f—ing rough. There’s a brutal one in Horns, then I have to play dead. I’m not good at it because I have an overactive vein in my neck. It’s screaming: ‘I’m not ready to die yet!’

5. She Worked With Michael Cera Twice

“Michael was supportive with me and we had such a good time doing this,” she said about working with the Superbad actor in Magic Magic, a straight-to-DVD release.

In the film, she acts as a schizophrenic insomniac. Watch her dance seductively for Cera above.

They first collaborated on 2009’s Year One.