Lachlan Patterson, ‘Last Comic Standing’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lachlan Patterson is one of the final three contestants to compete on Last Comic Standing. Read on for all the details on Patterson, his career, and why he’s so hilarious …

1. Patterson Knows Exactly What the Judges Are Looking For

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When talking with the Fresno Bee, Patterson revealed that he’s pretty sure he knows what the judges are looking for in a comedian. He says the hardest part of the show is coming up with new material each week:

You have to think of the judges as opposed to just the audience. What will Roseanne, Keenen and Russell like? And they are totally different comics,” Patterson says. “There seems to be an effort to pick comics with strong points of view. Comedians who don’t dilly-dally or pander to the audience. They were also looking for people who are always improving. Knowing all those things, I really tightened up my sets.

The only thing working against Patterson is that judge Roseanne Barr isn’t a fan of his laid-back style and “observational humor.”

2. He Has an Impressive Resume

In addition to Last Comic Standing, Patterson has appeared on several prominent TV shows like Tosh.O, Legit, and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. As far as this competition goes, Patterson told Fresno Bee:

I really didn’t plan to get this far. If I had any advantage it’s that I’ve failed a lot. Fifteen years in this business — with this face — you would think my career would have gone a lot faster.

3. “Kooks Of Komedy” Is His Weekly Podcast

Patterson and fellow comedian Joe Praino co-host a weekly podcast together called Kooks of Komedy. Topics on the show include comedy, their lives, and surfing. Have a listen to one of the podcasts above.

4. Patterson Killed It When He Had to Roast Gilbert Gottfried

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On an episode of Last Comic Standing this season, the contestants roasted the legendary Gilbert Gottfried and Patterson was hilarious as he made fun of Gottfried in addition to each one of his fellow comics.

5. Robin Williams Was Patterson’s Inspiration

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Lachlan began performing in Vancouver comedy clubs when he was just 19 years old and he notes that Robin Williams was the one who inspired him to pursue a career in stand up. He revealed to Entertainment Tonight Canada:

He was in Vancouver filming Jumanji, and and he would go to the comedy clubs and perform after he was finished taping for the day. I would just sit there and watch. I thought it was amazing how brave he was. You gotta be fearless, and he taught me what that meant, what that looked like. And a couple of months later I took the plunge.