Laura Plimpton, Martha Stewart’s Sister: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Martha Stewart‘s sister Laura Plimpton has passed away.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Plimpton Died of a Brain Aneurysm

While Page Six reported that Plimpton died in her Connecticut home, the NY Daily News reports:

A statement issued by Stewart Tuesday says she had fallen ill and was able to call for her husband before she died in Norwalk Hospital.

2. Stewart Wrote an Email to Her Staff About Her Sister’s Death

A heartbroken Stewart wrote an emotional letter to her staff, letting them know her sister had passed. The email read:

My youngest sister, and the youngest of the six Kostyra siblings, Laura Kostyra Plimpton, passed away today in Norwalk Hospital. After falling ill, Plimpton was able to call out for help to her husband, Randy, and was rushed to the hospital, but doctors could not save her. She was an extraordinary employee, mother, wife and sister. We are so sad, but also happy that Laura had the foresight to donate so many healthy organs to needy people.

3. Her Job Was Helping to Run Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

Plimpton worked side-by-side with her sister Martha Stewart for over 25 years and currently was helping to run Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. According to the NY Daily News:

She began working for her sister after her first husband died at age 33 from a rare form of lymphoma … Plimpton helped run the day-to-day operation of her sister’s vast media and lifestyle empire, even writing scripts for Stewart’s “Ask Martha” radio show and appearing in videos on the company website.

4. Plimpton Stood by Stewart’s Side During Her Imprisonment

Plimpton was reportedly a big defender of sister Stewart during her 2004 imprisonment on a federal insider trading conviction.

5. Stewart Was a Mother-Figure to Plimpton

In an interview on Larry King Live, Plimpton opened up about Stewart’s generosity and how she was like a mother-figure to her. She said they have a special relationship and:

Sadly, my first husband passed away and left me with two young children. And I was just in shock. The rug was pulled out from under me. She bought me a house to live in, so that my kids could go to a nice school, and how generous is that? All I wanted to do was be around her, her husband, and then when Alexis was born, I just wanted to take care of Alexis. I would pack my little suitcase and go every weekend, practically, just to be with Martha.

Plimpton was a mother of three.

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