Lindsay Higgins, Ben Scott’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bachelor In Paradise star Ben Scott has a girlfriend named Lindsay Higgins. Read on for the facts on Higgins and her relationship with Ben Scott.

1. A Love Letter From Lindsay Is Found On Bachelor In Paradise

Marcus finds a letter to Ben Scott, addressed to “Babe”, from his girlfriend Lindsay back at home and he shows it to fello cast-mate Marquel. Upon being confronted about the letter, Ben packs up and leaves the show. Check out the clip above.

2. Ben Began Dating Lindsay Before Bachelor In Paradise

Ben reportedly met Lindsay in Las Vegas and when the two started dating, he had already signed on to be a part of Bachelor In Paradise. Rumors are that Ben Scott was not about to give up a chance to be on TV again and Bachelor In Paradise wouldn’t be the same without a “villain” on the show. Have a look at the below Instagram video of Ben and Lindsay at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas.

3. Lindsay Higgins Is a Beautiful Model

Lindsay Higgins is a model and posts tons of gorgeous photos on her Instagram. Bustle writes:

Lindsay is a very beautiful model who seems to spend most of her time either working, poolside, or both. While she and Ben used to only post platonic looking photos, now there’s plenty of PDA, and she even writes that she “loves” him now.

Lindsay is signed with the Kim Dawson Modeling Agency.

4. It Seems That Lindsay Has a Pleasant Relationship With Ben’s Son

Ben Scott had son Brody with ex-girlfriend Stevie. In the past there has been cheating allegations in regards to how Brody was conceived, but Stevie insists Ben is an amazing father who contributes 100% to his son and sees him every week. By the looks of things online, Ben’s girlfriend Lindsay has definitely met Brody and seems to have a fun relationship with him.

5. She’s An Event Planner

Lindsay’s Instagram account lists her as an event planner, student, and a volunteer at SPCA as a good Christian. Ben Scott’s Twitter lists him as a Christian as well, so perhaps this is a good bond between the two.