Live Blog: Week 2 ‘America’s Got Talent’ Live Shows

Check out this live blog detailing what’s happening on Tuesday night’s episode of America’s Got Talent.

1. Hart Dance Team

They may be all about boys and selfies, but they have mad dance skills. Mel B said their performance was stunning. Howie said that their dance skills were what you’d expect, but the way they used props was exciting. Howard gave a great piece of advice– that they need to step up their game and do something different next time.

2. Loop Rawlins

Howie says he made it bigger and more exciting. Howard says that he’s an athlete in his prime, but he knows it’s going to be a struggle to keep America interested. He hopes that people vote for Loop.

3. John & Andrew

This salsa dancing duo really brought it tonight. Howard thought they were fantastic– precise, specific, and definitely not a novelty. The judges had to quiet Mel B down when she said there wasn’t enough excitement in their routine, because the other three thought they definitely brought it. They went for more intricate stylings and more precise dance moves and proved just how talented they are.

4. Livy, Matt & Sammy

The trio sang “Fat Bottomed Girls” but Mel B thought something was off tonight. She was worried that they acted too safe, and Heidi agreed. Howard Stern thought they performed like an opening act instead of headliners, and they didn’t have enough fun with the act.

5. Andrey Moraru

Moraru got a standing ovation from the judges after an exquisite performance. His act was seamless, precise, and according to Howie, the best act of the night. “You are what I want to see. I’ve seen a hand balancer, but never with the grace you have.” Howard Stern said that if America doesn’t vote him through, the show is a sham.

6. Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos says he always knew in his heart that he would be famous. He performs in a gold bodysuit, and has Howie on his feet in twenty seconds. Howie says:

Here’s the thing. I get killed on Twitter for this. But here’s the thing– you show up and everyone smiles.

Howard, meanwhile, was very irritated. He said that Mel and Howie faked laughter the entire time, and that he took the spot of many more talented people.

7. Mara Justine

She sang Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally” in an adorable silver outfit with hearts in the background. Howard told her to take it down a little bit, and says that she doesn’t need to prove anything. Howie told her she rose to the occasion, and she handled the pressure magnificently.

8. Aerial Animation

This act got every single judge on their feet. Mel said that she stepped it up, even though her last performance was wonderful. The act was new and fresh and the judges said they’d be upset if she didn’t move on.

9. Jaycob Curlee

Heidi said his voice was sweet and beautiful, but said on the whole she was underwhelmed. Howard said that he wants to hear passion in his music– he wants to hear anger and sadness he’s experienced in his life.

Howie, on the other hand, said that Jaycob is beautiful and he loved the performance.

10. Mat Franco

Franco’s trick shocked everyone. He had the judges speechless- they really couldn’t figure out how he did what he did. Howard said it’s time to let a magician into the top five.

11. Darik Santos

His girlfriend’s dad hopes he wins so he can finally move out. On tonight’s show, Mel B didn’t laugh once during his performance, and Heidi also wasn’t a fan of the material. Howard says he’s a fan of his material and his personality, but he wants to see more Darik come through. Howie, on the other hand, differentiated a comedian from a comic, and said Darik’s a funny guy who he wants to see on TV.

12. Acte II

Heidi loved their performance. Howard, on the other hand, wasn’t a huge fan and is worried about whether or not they’ll go through.

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