Michelle Phan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Michelle Phan grew up in a broken home, but she has risen from it all and become one of the internet’s leading ladies in beauty. Now she’s nominated for the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. She not only profits from her very successful YouTube channel, but she is also an entrepreneur with two beauty-based companies.

Here’s what you should know about the 27-year-old whose net worth is $3 million:

1. Phan Has 6.7 Million Subscribers

Michelle Phan Channel, Michelle Phan Tutorials


Michelle Phan’s YouTube channel is one of the mot followed, with 6.7 million subscribers. Her career started with a beauty blog, but it eventually made the transition to videos. The majority of her videos are are beauty tutorials and tips. She began her channel in 2007, and they were originally just beauty how-to’s.

As Phan’s following grew, she began giving tips on her channel on more than just hair and makeup. Some of Phan’s videos are about issues like self-confidence and tips to having a fresh start in the new year. These videos are intended to be helpful to her main demographic, teenage girls, when it comes to dealing with typical problems girls face at this age.

2. She Has Her Own Line of Makeup

MIchelle Phan Makeup, Em Cosmetics


Search Engine Watch reported that after 6 years of making mainly beauty-based YouTube videos, L’Oreal released a makeup line created by Phan called Em Cosmetics. Her line mostly consists of skin products, concealers, powders, etc.

Phan sells a large compact called the life palette on her website, which includes a full makeup palette for 4 different looks. She also sells another popular product called the chiaroscuro, a contour and highlighter stick that comes in 4 different shades.

Along with the many products, she also sells brushes and offers tutorials on the site to show users how to apply her makeup.

3. Phan’s Also the Co-Founder of a Beauty Company

Michelle Phan Ispy

(Facebook/ Michelle Phan)

Phan received tons of comments on her videos asking about what products to use, so she and some stylists got together to create a website that would give members a bag of their favorite products every month.

This site, called Ipsy, provides members with a bag of beauty products from skincare, to makeup and hair products. For $10 a month, members get all of these products hand-picked by the beauty guru herself.

4. She Comes from a Broken Family

Phan opened up to her millions of followers in her video called “Draw My Life.” She describes her childhood in which she moved around a lot because her father had a gambling addiction.

Once her father left the family, her mother re-married a man who was abusive to Phan in a way that she chose not to talk about. Her mother remained with this man for a while, but eventually the Phan’s left this man.

The family moved away and had to build their lives from the ground up. Once she was old enough, Phan moved out and began her makeup and YouTube career which eventaully allowed her to buy a home for her mother and younger sister.

5. Ultra Records and Ultra International Music Publishing Sued Her

Michelle Phan Sued, Michelle Phan Ultra

(Facebook/ Michelle Phan)

In many of Phan’s beauty tutorials, she has music playing in the background. Much of that music is by EDM artists under the Ultra Records Label. Because she hs such a large following she has the ability to give brands good publicity, but she doesn’t specifically refer to the artists played in her videos.

According to Adweek, Ultra Records is suing Phan for using their music without the proper license required.

Ultra’s CEO of Social Media is claiming that she could get away with a couple uses, but she uses the artists too frequently to use it all for free. Phan makes her living off her of her videos among other things, so Ultra is asking to be reimbursed.

Adweek reported that Ultra is asking for $150,000 for each (as BBC calls it) “copyright infringement.” The YouTuber may be fighting Ultra in what may end in a lawsuit, but the artists themselves seem to have no problem with her.

Kaskade tweeted:

Summary: I’m not suing @MichellePhan + @ultrarecords isn’t my lapdog. I can’t do much about the lawsuit except voice support for her.

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