The Daily Mail Robin Williams Front Page [PHOTO]

Wow. The Daily Mail pulls no punches in its front page for August 13. The paper defiantly proclaims that Robin Williams was “Facing Bankruptcy.” Williams died after committing suicide at his home in Marin County, California.


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Why does it matter that he may have been facing bankruptcy? He didn’t have to die because of that. He helped so many people, some one should have helped Robin. Did he not have any friends who cared about him? That he could depend on?


Sometimes you can have all the friends in the world to turn to and still feel empty, alone, and estranged from your life…it just depends on how long, and how deep your depression runs. Some people don’t feel comfortable turning to anyone but an animal, and some don’t even do that and keep in bottled up for years.


Depression makes you think you have no friends, and fogs your head so badly that you can’t see any positive end in site. It is an illness, not a choice, btw.

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