Robin Williams’ Death: Will the Emmy Awards Have a Special Tribute?

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UPDATE: There will be tributes to Robin Williams at the 2014 Emmy Awards. Executive Producer Don Mischer told People:

Plans for the In Memoriam segment are in discussion. While we are all still coming to terms with this week’s tragic news, we are working to give Robin Williams the proper and meaningful remembrance he so well deserves.

In just a couple weeks, Hollywood will have one of its biggest award shows of the year … the Emmy Awards. Each year, the show pays tribute to the celebrities we’ve lost over the past years. With Robin Williams being such an icon, we’re wondering if the Emmys will give Williams his own special “In Memoriam” moment at the show. On the other hand, some feel that suicides shouldn’t be glamorized. What do you think?

Whatever the case, today was a truly sad day in the world as we’ve lost one of the greatest men of our time … Robin Williams.



Stacy Scabin

I say he deserves all the honor that any other legend or icon would get I understand it was suicide but it happened by severe depression which is a Mental Illness no one is asking for it to be glorified but people also need to be reminded there is help out there.


They can honor the man without glorifying suicide and indeed should do so. The fact that he took his own life does not in any way diminish the pure joy he brought to so many entertaining all of us! He must have been in intractable pain and at that moment of agony saw that as his solution, Bless that sweet kind soul and rest in peace dear funny man!

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