PHOTOS: Zachary Pym Williams (Zak), Robin Williams’ Son


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Zac is very handsome, I see a strong resemblance to his dad. Zac, your dad was the best, I grew up with “Mork and Mindy”, he was a favorite of mine. Saw his first movies in the theater on the early 80s and his later ones with my son in the 90’s. Bless your family…..I lost my dad at a young age (sudden cardiac arrest in our home back in August of 1982). He was nothing like your dad though. Your dad out shone most people on this planet! What a blessing it must have been to have him as your dad. The world misses your dad very much. Eventually it gets better after the initial shock. I’m sure you and your family know that he loved you very much. The world will never forget your dad. He is like Chaplin imo and will live on in our collective memories forever.

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