Rod Man, ‘Last Comic Standing’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

It’s down to the final 3 comedians on Last Comic Standing and we’ve got all the info on comic Rod Man, who’s in the running to win. Read on for the facts on the funny man here …

1. Rod Man Had His Own Special on Comedy Central

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Comedy Central gave Rod Man his own half-hour special and he also appeared on several other specials as well – HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, BET’s Comic View, Showtime at the Apollo, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, The Bad Boys of Comedy for HBO, Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment Stand Up for Starz, Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘n Out for MTV, One Mic Stand for BET, The Funny Spot for TV One, The World Stands Up for BBC America and The Mo’Nique Show.

2. He’s Worked With Both of the Other Finalists

In addition to appearing on the small screen, Rod Man has also been in several movies including Funny People, Love Chronicles, The Big Black Comedy Show Volume 2, and P.Diddy Presents the Bad Boys of Comedy. As far as the other two finalists, Rod Man has actually worked with both. He praised Nikki Carr to Radio TV Talk:

I worked with her only once before. We were in Bermuda. The promoter was terrible. She didn’t get all her money. [He claimed he did.] She’s a powerhouse. She’s the famel Bernie Mac so to speak. She’s doing her thing.

As far as contestant Lachlan Patterson, Rod Man has a funnier anecdote:

I used to host this club Comedy Union. Lachlan was the white bartender in an all-black club. They liked Hennessy and Corona. I had to school him on black people’s liquor history. He was a cool guy. Canadian. Very nice. He voted against me. I had breakfast with him the morning after that. I had to keep my eye on that Canadian. He has skills. A good comedian. A good writer. He’s going to be fine, win, lose or draw.

3. His Family Are Ellen DeGeneres Fans

Rod Man may be making a career for himself in comedy, but all his wife and 9-year-old daughter care about is Ellen DeGeneres. They are big Ellen fans. When Rod Man had the opportunity to visit her on set, he told Radio TV Talk:

On TV, she comes across as warm and jovial. In person, she was just like I expected. Those baby blue eyes! She was really warm. But one thing’s for sure: I can’t dance!

4. Keenan Wayans Calls Rod Man’s Humor an “Every Man Kind of Confusion”

When Last Comic Standing judge was in a press conference this week, he opened up about Rod Man’s style and what makes him so likable.

He has this every man kind of confusion. He can take on subject matter and weave it into this character. Once you buy into the character, he can talk about anything.

5. Rod Man Was Questioned on His Ability to Appeal to Non-Black Audiences

Through much of his career, Rod Man performed for all black audiences, which prompted criticism from veteran comedian and judge Peters, but Rod Man proved him wrong. Radio TV Talk reports:

Peters, a veteran comic who recently appeared at the Punchline to prepare for an arena tour, said he had known Rod Man for 15 years but had only seen him perform in front of black audiences. He wondered if Rod Man’s humor would translate. “He destroyed in a mixed room” on the show, Peters said. “I apparently misjudged him.”

In response, Rod Man said that he spent many years focusing on black audiences, but:

I always felt my comedy plays anywhere. I’ve made a conscious effort to start dabbling more into mainstream audiences just to satisfy my own comedic mind.