‘True Blood’ Series Finale Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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In the penultimate episode, Bill arrived at Sookie’s door to explain that he is not curing his Hep-V.

Tonight, Bill asked her to do the unthinkable.

In the series finale, which lasted an extra five minutes, the residents of Bon Temps said their goodbyes to their loyal viewers.

Here are the highlights of the final episode.

1. Bill Asks Sookie to Kill Him

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Bill is infected with Hep-V, a disease which is only deadly to vampires.

“You have to look to your future. What does it look like with me in it?” Bill told Sookie.

Sookie pleads with Bill, asking him why he’s choosing to die.

He responds that it makes him feel more human, and that he should be with his family. “That is a life. If we stay together, I would be denying you the best parts of that,” he explained.

Bill then asks Sookie to kill him.

Sookie visits her brother Jason and tells him the situation. Jason doesn’t want to advise her, but says he’ll love her anyway.

2. Jessica & Hoyt Get Married So Bill Can Be There

Hoyt is back in town and is in love with Jessica again even though his memory of their relationship was erased.

Jessica and Hoyt visit Bill and Jessica says, “I’m never gonna understand why you’re doing this. But one way or another, I’ll accept it.”

When Bill asks if Hoyt is staying partly because of Jessica, he says completely.

Then, Bill confronts Hoyt as to whether or not he will eventually marry her, and he says he will.

Having dreamed about her wedding since she was a little girl, Jessica is angry at Bill and says that Hoyt doesn’t even remember their relationship, so it is not the fairytale she’s always imagined.

“I just wanted to know that you’d be spoken for,” Bill responds. To ensure that he can give her away, Jessica decides to get married that same day.

Because he has reservations about the marriage, Hoyt confides in Jason. “If I was gonna tell you the world was gonna end tomorrow, who would you want to wake up next to?” Jason asks.

Hoyt answers, “Jessica.”

3. Eric Gets Pam to Corrupt Sarah

In the beginning of the episode, Eric enlists the aid Pam to give her blood to Sarah.

“As much as Pamela and I hate you, we’re the best friends you’ve got,” Eric tells a frightened Sarah.

Later, Sarah asks Pam to turn her into a vampire. “I would work my a** off for you,” she tells Pam, who thinks she’s out of her mind.

When Sarah brings up Tara, Pam chokes her and tells her to never bring her up again.

Pam bites Sarah.

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4. Sookie Hears Bill’s Thoughts & Visits the Reverend

Sookie confides in Jason that she can hear Bill’s thoughts, and admits that they are all loving.

Sookie asks Reverend Daniels, “Do you think that God made us all as he meant us to be, or do you think that some of us are just mistakes?”

“We wouldn’t be here without you. How can you think for one second that you’re a mistake,” the Reverend said.
He adds that God gave us brains so we can exercise our own free will.

5. Sookie Kills Bill

In the final scene, the couple meet at the cemetery.

“I can’t let go,” Sookie laments.

“It’s time,” Bill answers.

They embrace and sweetly kiss, and stare into each other’s eyes.
“Thank you,” he says as he enters the burial plot.

Once inside, he founds a photograph of him and his daughter.

“Bill, I’ll never forget you,” Sookie says through tears.

“I wish I could say the same, but I don’t know what happens next,” Bill responds.

After pleading with him, saying she cannot kill him, she asks him if he’s sure. They say they love each other, and Sookie plunges a stake through his heart with his assistance.

In a flash-forward sequence, we see Sookie pregnant, just as Bill told her he wanted to happen.

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