Tyler Oakley: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tyler Oakley began his YouTube channel in 2007, but once his following grew, he turned this hobby into a career. Now his videos not only make people laugh, but they also pay him and raise awareness for various social issues, especially regarding the LGBTQ+ community. Plus, Oakley won tonight at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. Check out all the facts on Oakley and why we all love him so much.

1.He Gets Paid for Product Placement

Tyler Oakley Taco Bell, Tyler Oakley Naturebox, Tyler Oakley  Pepsi


Back in 2007, when his channel first started, Tyler Oakley’s videos were more serious and more of PSA’s. But, eventually his videos began to address less serious topics in a more humorous way.

Oakley has made a series of how-to and “fangirl” videos; his light and funny personality has gotten him nearly 5 million subscribers on YouTube. He hs also been noticed by some pretty big companies such as Pepsi, Tacobell, and Naturebox.

According to NY Magazine, he doesn;t hold back with product placement and is very comfortable with it. He mentions these companies and their products very blatantly, and it pays his bills.

2. Oakley’s Raised over $500,000 for the Trevor Project

Tyler Oakley Trevor Project


The Trevor Project is the nation’s leading organization in crisis prevention for LGBTQ+ teens. It has a number of programs including: Trevor Lifeline, TrevorChat, TrevorSpace, Ask Trevor and Trevor Education Workshops, which are all available to people in need of help. The organization caters mostly to people 13-24 years-old. The services provide a safe place to talk online, on the phone, and it also has a suicide prevention hotline.

According to Prizeo, Oakley became an intern for Trevor in 2009.

(he) helped redesign the website, launched a blogger outreach system, and drafted press releases and fundraising newsletters

Oakley has remained a part of the organization and raises a great deal of money. He asks fans on his videos every year to donate to the Trevor Project, and so far he has raised over $500,000. He also hosted the red carpet show for the Trevor Project’s fundraising gala, Trevor Live.

3. He Co-Hosts the TV Show, Top That

Tyler Oakley YouTube, Tyler Oakley Top That, Tyler Oakley Popsugar

(Twitter/Tyler Oakley)

Oakley and Becca Frucht announced on Popsugar that they will be co-hosting a new pop-culture news show called Top That.

On this Popsugar Girls’ Guide, the two give women (typically in their 20’s or 30’s) the latest news, tips, and more. They mostly talk about their “top 5 on the web,” basically videos that everyone needs to see.

4. Followers Love His Clothing Line

Tyler Oakley Merch, Tyler Oakley Shirts

(District Lines/Tyler Oakley Merch)

Tyler Oakley Official Merchandise is available in stores and online. He has a line of graphic tees that have some of his famous catch-phrases on them.

He has shirts that say things like, “PROFESSIONAL FANGIRL” AND “I’M QUEEN OF THE NIGHT.” The clothing ranges from $17 to $40.

You can buy Tyler Oakley Merch here.

5. Oakley Once Received Death Threats From One Direction Fans

Tyler Oakley and Liam Payne Fight, Tyler Oakley Twitter

(Twitter/Tyler Oakley)

Oakley has a large following on many social media outlets, on Twitter in particular he has 2.7 million followers. He is very active on Twitter, with 25.7 thousand tweets so far and nearly 35 thousand favorites.

According to BuzzTube, early this year, Oakley sparred with one of his many celebrity crushes on twitter. Liam Payne of One Direction tweeted about his respect for a Duck Dynasty family that was under scrutiny for homophobia. Oakley responded to his tweet feeling “confused and disappointed.”

This then led to Oakley receiving a number of death threats from 1D fans, eventually Payne deleted his original tweet and this mini twitter war was called a “misunderstanding.”

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The picture referring to tyler’s co-host becca frucht is not her.

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