Valerie Rockey, ‘SYTYCD’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Let’s get to know Valerie Rockey, finalist on So You Think You Can Dance. Check out all the facts on the dancer below:

1. She’s Not the Best Dancer on the Show

Indianapolis Monthly doesn’t believe that Rockey’s the best dancer on the show, but they still believe she should win. The news source writes:

She should win because the show crowns America’s Favorite Dancer, not the best dancer on the show. She isn’t the best dancer. Choreographers don’t give her much to do in group numbers, and she doesn’t have the power or precision as the best-trained contestants.

2. Jessica Richens Is Her Competition

In the finale, Jessica Richens is the girl to beat for Rockey. Indianapolis Monthly describes the competitors as:

Jessica Richens, Valerie’s competition in the finale, is a gorgeous, powerful dancer, but she spent the first half of the season in the show’s bottom two, narrowly avoiding elimination. She’s just never seemed as genuine as Valerie, and the audience has responded. Jessica has obviously come a long way, but she has never matched Valerie’s popularity.

3. She Loves Cast-Mate Ricky

For four weeks, Ricky Ubeda was Rockey’s dance partner on the show and she loved every minute of it. When the two were forced to move beyond each other on the show, she posted the above photo with this caption:

Guess who made top 10!? RICKERIE!!! So sad that it was our last duet together, but man was it a great one to end on! I couldn’t have asked for a better partner the last 4 weeks. I love you @rickyubeda11 ❤️❤️ Please be sure to vote for us!! #sytycd

4. She Moved to Los Angeles to Pursue her Dreams

Like many dancers, Rockey moved out to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams in dance. She posted the above photo a couple weeks ago with this as the caption:

Today marks 1 YEAR since I left Indiana to move out here to this crazy place called Los Angeles. Boy am I thankful I had so many people supporting my decisions, & for getting the courage to chase my dreams. God has blessed me in more ways than I can imagine.

5. There Are Some Fun Facts About Rockey

Let’s get to know Rockey with a few fun facts. The first is that she’s been dancing since she was three years old. Valerie’s dream dance partners are Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Aaron Turner. And, most importantly, Valerie is obsessed with pigs.