Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The UK’s YouTube star, Zoe Sugg began her beauty vlog as a hobby, but her bubbly personality and Disney-like features have made her hobby into a career. In her 10-20 minute vidoes, Sugg, better known as Zoella, addresses issues from hair to anxiety in an effort to let her followers know that they aren’t alone. Check out the Teen Choice Awards nominee in our 5 Fast Facts …

1. Her Blog Won the 2011 Cosmopolitan ‘Best Established Beauty Blog’ Award

Zoella Best Established Beauty Blog, Zoella Awards

(Facebook/ Zoella)

Sugg began her YouTube channel in 2009, shortly after the start of her blog. According to Videoink, Sugg joined the vlog world not only to get involved with beauty but also to help deal with her shyness.

Her following grew at a slow rate, but eventually Sugg’s views and subscribers reached the millions. Just 2 years after she began her blog, Cosmopolitan awarded the 24-year-old with the “Best Established Beauty Blog” award. Then another 2 years later, Teen Vogue called her “YouTube Mega Star.”

2. She Wrote a Novel Called ‘Girl Online’

Zoella Book, Girl Online

(Facebook/ Zoella)

This year, Sugg signed a deal with Penguin Books and prepared for the release of her first novel, “Girl Online.” Sugarscape reported that the novel has similar aspects to Sugg’s own life. It’s about a teen girl who has a relationship with an American star which is exposed when her anonymous blog goes viral.

She told Sugarscape:

Since I could read I always had my nose in a book. When I was around the age of 14 I had my mind set on the fact that I would one day write my own book, something that other people would love to read

3. Her Boyfriend is also a YouTube Personality

Zoe Sugg Boyfriend, Alfie Deyes

(Facebook/ Zoella)

It seems that everyone in Sugg’s life is somehow involved in the internet world as well. Her brother, Joe, has a YouTube channel called ThatcherJoe on which he “makes a fool of himself for your entertainment” (ThatcherJoe Bio).

Sugg’s best friend, Louise, also has a beauty channel called Sprinkleofglitter. The two often make appearances on each others’ shows, talking about anything from beauty, to bodies, to boys.

Alfie Deyes, Sugg’s boyfriend, has his own YouTube channel as well. His is called PointlessBlog, Sugg is featured in many of these videos but he is not in as many of hers. She told Mirror:

I don’t really talk about him. The fans get a bit obsessed

4. She has Over 5 Million YouTube Subscribers With Whom She Shares Everything

Zoella Blog, Zoella Vlog

(Facebook/ Zoella)

Zoella, Sug’s YouTube vlog, began as just beauty tips and how-to’s for hair and makeup. but, as her fan-base grew and she received more comments and questions, Sugg began to make videos about her daily life and the things she deals with.

Sugg posted a video addressing her issues with panic attacks and social anxiety. Originally, she only discussed this topic on her blog, but she decided to make a video about it because she got so much feedback from readers.

In an effort to show her viewers that her life isn’t as perfect as it may seem, Sugg once recorded herself having kind of a melt-down. The video, titled “Sometimes It All Gets A Bit Too Much” shows Sugg in tears. She talked about feeling overwhelmed but she was hesitant to complain because she got so lucky with her career and life in general. Many fans were refreshed to see Sugg who always seems so calm cool and collected, show a little weakness.

5. Zoella Sells a Line of Makeup Brushes on her Website

Sugg is a girl of many talents. Not only does she have a blog, a vlog, and even a book, but she also has a line of makeup brushes. Sugg earns money from her YouTube blog because it has reached such a high level of success, and her publishing deal will surely bring her an even higher income. With so many fans, she will likely have a lot of buyers of her novel.

This other financial venture of Sugg’s fits right into her brand. Because she’s largely a beauty/haul blogger, many of her fns will want to emulate her in their makeup process. Sugg is a smart business woman, and an entrepreneur.


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