Miss Oklahoma Alex Eppler: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Meet Miss Oklahoma Alex Eppler. She’s got the looks, the brains, and is up for the crown of Miss America 2015.

1. It Took Her Six Times to Win Miss Oklahoma

Like many of the girls, Alex Eppler didn’t win her state title on the first try. It actually took her six times to take home the crown and many told her to just give up. Eppler stated:

I had people tell me you’ll never be Miss Oklahoma. You should move on.

It’s a good thing, Eppler followed her heart.

2. She Won the Swimsuit Competition In the Preliminaries

Eppler won the Lifestyle and Fitness category for Wednesday’s preliminary competition. Eppler wore a bright pink Catalina two-piece swimsuit and received a $1,000 scholarship for her win.

3. Eppler Is a Smarty Pants

Alex Eppler is so much more than a pretty face with an amazing body. She has the brains to match. Alex graduated The University of Oklahoma with a degree in Medical Science and a minor in Health and Exercise Science. She also graduated with honors as a member of the Arts and Sciences College. From that point, she became a teacher at The Academy in Oklahoma City. She taught 8th grade physical science, 9th grade earth science, 10th grade biology, 11th grade chemistry and 12th grade physics, according to MissOklahoma.org.

4. She Hopes to Serve as a Medical Missionary

Eppler’s career goal is to work in the medical field and serve as a missionary overseas. According to the Press of Atlantic City, she traveled to a slum called Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya and helped provide them with medical care. Eppler said the community was living in horrible conditions, where they were surrounded by sewage and garbage. The Miss Oklahoma Organization reports:

Alex has worked with in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, The Dominican Republic, Mexico and even Kenya teaching health seminars, treating patients. While in Kenya, Alex helped treat over 5,000 patients in the slum of Kibera, the largest slum in Africa. Alex taught a community education class on mental health and helped the providers diagnose and treat patients.

5. Dancing Is Her Talent

Like several of the other girls in the 2015 Miss America pageant, Eppler’s talent is dancing. After Eppler graduated college, she actually taught a weekly hip-hop class at The Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma City. She wanted to use her passion to help others.

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