Ariana Grande’s Boyfriend Big Sean: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ariana Grande and Big Sean have been dating for a few months now and they’re still a hot topic in Hollywood. Big Sean is an artist who was actually signed by Kanye West. He used to sneak into the studio every week and tricked his way into getting heard.

Read on for all the info on their relationship below.

1. Big Sean Recently Came Out to Ryan Seacrest About His Relationship With Grande

Around the 1.58 mark in the above video, Seacrest asks Big Sean to level with him about his relationship with Ariana Grande. Big Sean said he likes to keep his private life private, but he did say that Grande is special, she’s special to him, and everything they have going on together is great.

2. The VMAs Was the First Time the Couple Was Seen Showing PDA

It was rumored that Grande and Big Sean were dating in August 2014, but neither one of the stars had addressed the rumors. After Grande’s opening performance at the VMAs, the two were spotted holding hands backstage and the internet blew up with questions about their relationship.

3. Naya Rivera Suspected that Big Sean Cheated on her with Grande

In April 2014, Big Sean called off his engagement to Glee star Naya Rivera. Naya Rivera got married to Ryan Dorsey just three months after their break up and was reportedly upset when Big Sean started dating Grande because Rivera suspected that Big Sean had cheated on her with Grande in the past.

4. Big Sean Is Ariana Grande’s “Best Mistake”

From “Best Mistake” to “Right There,” these two have been making music together for quite some time … and we’re not just talking about their dating relationship. Check out Grande and Big Sean performing their song “Big Mistake” live together in the above video.

5. Prior to Dating Big Sean, Grande Dated Singer Nathan Sykes and a Janoskian

Before dating Big Sean, Grande had dated singer Nathan Sykes from The Wanted and Jai Brooks from The Janoskians, a comical YouTube sensation group. When Brooks and Grande broke up, he and his brother posted unfavorable tweets about Grande, putting her in a bad light. When Grande began dating Sykes, Brooks spoke out and basically accused Grande of cheating on him. Grande and Sykes’ relationship eventually fizzled out, but fans were very surprised (and overjoyed) when they heard that Brooks and Grande were back together in early May. The two were spotted holding hands backstage at the iHeartRadio music awards and the news hit the web instantly. This is pretty much the same way Grande’s relationship with Big Sean was exposed.