Bethany Mota, ‘Dancing With the Stars’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bethany Mota, the YouTube sensation and fashion mogul, takes on Dancing With the Stars with the amazing Derek Hough. Read on for the facts on Mota to hear all about her time in the ballroom, her brand, and more. P.S. Mota’s reportedly single …

1. Bethany Mota Has Built a Fashion Empire

Mota began posting videos on YouTube about her fashion likes, advice, DIY ideas and cute outfits. Bethany Mota makes videos about makeup, hair, fashion, and projects that she enjoys, which is why teens love to watch her. She started off with her Fashion.Beauty.Fun YouTube channel Macbarbie07, which amassed over 6 million subscribers and now she has another YouTube channel called Bethany’s Life. And, her brand continues to expand … Not only does she go on huge tours called “Motavatours” to interact with fans, she also has a fashion and fragrance line with Aeropastle. You can buy her fragrance for $25.00 by clicking here.

Mota has also partnered with JCPenney and Forever 21, among other brands.

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2. She and Derek Hough Have Formed #TEAMMOTOUGH

Bethany Mota Freaks Out Over 'DWTS' Parter Derek Hough'Dancing With The Stars': Bethany Mota gets super excited about her 'DWTS' partner Derek Hough, plus she reveals her secret dance skills. Subscribe! Starring Bethany Mota Intro Music By: DOCTOR VOX – Frontier Free Download: Subscribe: Submit: :: CONTACT US! :: Like Us On Facebook! Follow us on Twitter!…2014-09-04T21:53:57.000Z

Each season, the couples on Dancing With the Stars come up with team names. Mota is paired up with the sexy superstar Derek Hough and their team name is Team MoTough. The couple’s first dance on the show is the jive and Hough says Mota has a natural talent.

3. Hough Didn’t Know Who Mota Was Before Being Paired With Her

Derek Hough has a blog with TV Guide and wrote all about his new dance partner Mota and how he didn’t know who she was prior to meeting her.

As I’m sure you know, Bethany Mota is my partner. I’ll be honest — I didn’t know exactly who she was. After producers told me she was my partner, I looked her up, and she’s amazing. I’m in awe at what she’s accomplished at such a young age. She’s actually the youngest partner I’ve ever had too. She’s just an absolute sweetheart. I love what she stands for and what she’s built — and that her fans call themselves the Motavators! It’s pretty remarkable what she’s done when you think about it.

4. Haul Videos Brought Mota to Stardom

Mota rose to fame for her “haul videos” on YouTube, in which she shows her fashion purchases to her fans. Mota’s first haul video was in June 2009 and, as hauling became more popular, retailers began to use it for marketing. In turn, Mota was offered free cosmetics and gift cards, which led to even more things for her. The definition of “haul videos” is:

A haul video is a video recording, posted to the Internet, which displays items recently purchased, including product details or even the price. The posting of haul videos (or hauls) has been a growing trend, during 2007–2010 … Haul videos rarely ever have anything negative to say about the products. The rationale for those positive reviews is that the buyers wouldn’t typically purchase something unless they really wanted it. Hence, the owners generally report positive experiences, after having selected which products to buy.

5. Mota Grew Up Home-Schooled

Home-schooling was Mota’s way of life with the exception of third through sixth grade. Mota was bullied as she was growing up and this was actually the reason she started her YouTube channel, to escape. Mota’s goal was, and still is, to help young girls feel confident in themselves. Yahoo Finance reported:

Home-schooled as a child, Bethany entered public school in junior high but decided it wasn’t for her after a devastating bout of cyber-bullying in 2009. Bored, lonely and looking for an outlet, she redirected her energy into an unexpected hobby: creating YouTube videos for girls just like her that offered make-up tips and fashion advice, among other things.

To join the discussion on Bethany Mota’s chances to win DWTS, click here. You can also start your own thread.

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