‘Big Brother’ 16: The Final Four – Who Will Win?

Who will win "Big Brother 16" this season? It's down to the final four - Caleb Reynolds, Victoria Rafaeli, Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur. Read on for the info on each of the final contestants and their chances to win ...

Caleb Reynolds basically fell in love with contestant Amber who did not return his affections. This caused controversy in the house and Amber ended up going home. Caleb became good friends with contestant Frankie in the house, but, when it was down to the final five, Caleb didn't save his friend. Caleb is a fierce competitor, but was one of the big wigs on the male alliance. Will the other guys keep him in the game, maintaining their alliance, or will they strategize with contestant Victoria to eliminate a great competitor like Frankie.

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