Cooper Endicott, Joan Rivers’ Grandson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Cooper Endicott is the beloved teenage grandson to Joan Rivers. Read on for the facts on the wonderful boy Joan had to leave behind …

1. He’s Named After His Grandfather

Cooper’s full name is actually Edgar Cooper Endicott, named after his grandfather Edgar Rosenberg. Rosenberg committed suicide when Cooper’s mother Melissa was in college. With his health in less than perfect shape, Rosenberg reportedly became depressed. He was found dead in a Philadelphia hotel room, having overdosed on Valium. He left an envelope with all his family’s paperwork and affairs in order. In addition, he left three recordings, one for wife Joan Rivers, one for his daughter Melissa Rivers, and one for his business manager.

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2. Melissa Rivers Is His Mother

Melissa Rivers is Cooper’s mother. She and her son are very close and he was by her side as she flew to see her mother Joan in the hospital when Joan went into cardiac arrest. Melissa is a producer for Fashion Police and Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?, both of which her mother starred on.

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3. Cooper Appears With Joan on Her Reality Show

You may have seen Copper on Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? with his mother and grandmother. It’s a reality show that follows around the lives of Joan and Melissa Rivers, along with their friends and family. Cooper is always polite, well-behaved, and sweet on camera. He always seemed to be very close with Melissa and Joan.

4. His Mother Married His Father in a Three Million Dollar Wedding

Cooper is the product of horse-trainer John Endicott and Melissa Rivers. Endicott and Rivers married in a $3 million Dr. Zhivago-themed winter wedding at the Plaza Hotel in New York City in 1998.

5. Cooper’s Dad Was Keeping Him Company in New York While Joan Rivers Was in the Hospital

When Joan Rivers suffered cardiac arrest, Cooper flew with his mother to New York. While Melissa was at the hotel with her mother over the course of her hospital stay, Cooper’s father flew in and was staying with Cooper in Melissa’s NYC apartment.

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