Courtney Love, ‘Sons of Anarchy’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Courtney Love is a new face on Sons of Anarchy … as a preschool teacher. Read on for the facts on Love’s new SOA role, her rocky past with her daughter, her struggles through childhood, and how she’s managed to become the woman she is today … a woman who’s amassed a fortune of $150 million.

1. Ms. Harrison Is Introduced on SOA

On the episode “Poor Little Lambs,” we meet Ms. Harrison, Jax’s son Abel’s preschool teacher, who is played by Courtney Love. Carter Matt reports:

Gemma’s going to be coming face-to-face with her for at least the moment above in this episode, so let’s hope that either Ms. Harrison will say nothing that upsets Gemma, or that someone has all of the cutlery put away.

2. Love and Daughter Frances Bean Cobain Are Back On Track Together

Currently, Love lives only a few houses away from her formerly estranged daughter Frances Bean Cobain and she says their relationship is back on point. In the past, Love and her daughter have had public disagreements and Twitter feuds. On one occasion, Love had posted on Twitter that her daughter was hit on by Dave Grohl and that Frances was “curious” about it. Frances lashed out and said:

While I’m generally silent on the affairs of my biological mother, her recent tirade has taken a gross turn. I have never been approached by Dave Grohl in more than a platonic way. I’m in a monogamous relationship and very happy. Twitter should ban my mother.

Even Grohl responded to the tweets saying:

Unfortunately Courtney is on another hateful Twitter rant. These new accusations are upsetting, offensive and absolutely untrue.

When Frances was just a child she was removed from her mother’s care because of comments her mother made about her drug addiction. Frances was only a year old when father Kurt Cobain killed himself.

A lot has changed over the years and things are presently good between Frances Bean and her mother. Courtney Love tells People:

I respect how reclusive she is. She’s very tasteful. You know, she’s Frances Bean. A lot is expected of her, and she handles it so well. She’s a very strong girl. We watched Orange Is the New Black last night for hours – I was the big spoon and she was the little spoon. We were talking about the plot line and acting and everything. We just laid in bed and watched TV.

3. She Once Stated That She Had an Affair with Gavin Rossdale During His Marriage to Gwen Stefani

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Love sat down with Howard Stern in 2010, and talked about an alleged affair with Gavin Rossdale while he was (and still is) married to Gwen Stefani. Us Weekly reported that Love was saying she had an eight-month relationship with Rossdale. Love’s conversation with Stern went started out like this:

“Everyone gave me so much s— because Gavin sounded like a lot like Kurt….” Love said. “But man, he was such an Adonis in his day! He got good in bed … something happened. Maybe Gwen taught him, for all I know.”

Stern then asked her, “You were [having sex] him while he was with Gwen Stefani?”

“Yes,” Love replied. “She does know.”

These claims were never addressed by Stefani nor Rossdale.

4. Love Had an Extremely Tough Childhood

A rough childhood for Love began when she was just a baby. Her parents divorced in 1969 and her father’s custody was withdrawn after her mother accused him of feeding LSD to Love as a toddler. Her mother then moved the family to Oregon, where they lived in a commune. Love’s stepfather Frank Rodriguez later adopted her and brought along half-siblings, one of whom died as a baby from a heart defect when Love was just 10 years old. Love had difficulty in school both academically and socially, being diagnosed with mild autism at age nine. At 14 years old, Love was arrested for shoplifting a shirt and was sent away to the Hillcrest Correctional Facility. For the next few years, Love was held in foster care before becoming legally emancipated at age sixteen. Love later supported herself by working as a stripper at Mary’s Club in Portland, then doing exotic dancing in Japan, and eventually working at a peep show in New York.

It’s no wonder Love became a Heroin addict later in life. Love has claimed sobriety since 2007.

5. “Hole” Has Reconciled

Hole – Celebrity Skin (Official Video)As heard in Captain Marvel! Listen to more Hole here: Music video by Hole performing Celebrity Skin. (C) 1998 UMG Recordings, Inc. #Hole #CelebritySkin #CaptainMarvel #Vevo2009-06-16T23:54:24.000Z

After declaring that her band Hole was “dead,” Love is apparently back together with them as well. Love told Paper:

It’s more important for me to act right now than to play rock ‘n’ roll. Me and Melissa and Patty and Eric have rehearsed a few times. In order to pull that off, we’d have to make some music that’s relevant to now, and we’d have to get a modern producer. I’m not going to do the oldies circuit. My relationships with Melissa, Patty and Eric are all great. At this point in my life, no one is my enemy. Any grudges or issues with that past? I’m done with it. The only person I’m concerned about is Corgan. I’m like, what is your problem?

Love hopes the band will play together in 2015.

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