PHOTOS: Danielle Deleasa Jonas – Kevin Jonas’ Wife

Danielle (Deleasa) Jonas is the wife of Kevin Jonas and mother to their baby daughter Alena. Prior to meeting Kevin, Danielle was a hairdresser in New Jersey. Then, on a vacation in the Bahamas, the two met, and, though Kevin's brother Joe was interested in her first, Kevin and Danielle hit it off. They dated under the radar for about a year. Their courtship lasted about two years before they married at the Oheka Castle in New York. The two then starred in their own reality show called Married to Jonas, which showed their every day issues of being in a relationship, Kevin's music career, and Danielle's struggle for independence. Danielle also struggled with self image as Jonas fans can sometimes be hurtful to the significant others of their beloved Jonas boys. At one point on the show, the couple realizes that their home is too visible and they need privacy from fans and onlookers. They considered moving to New York City, but eventually they moved to Wyckoff, New Jersey, where husband Kevin built a home for them. With his new construction company JonasWerner, Kevin has been building luxury homes all over New Jersey. Since the break up of the Jonas Brothers last year, Kevin Jonas has found his calling in construction and he couldn't be happier with his wife Danielle and baby girl Alena. For all the info on the Jonases, Kevin's construction company, and more, click here. And, you can check out all the best Instagram photos of Danielle (Deleasa) Jonas and husband Kevin by clicking through our gallery right here.