‘Gotham’ Season 1 Premiere & Episode Spoilers

Gotham Fox

Gotham has finally made its debut on FOX and a lot of important events took place. We all know these origin tales will build up the Batman universe and give us an inside look into the villains of Gotham City. Check out all the spoilers for what occurred during the season premiere of DC Comics newest drama, Gotham.

1. A Young Catwoman Started Off the Show


The 1st scene depicted a young Catwoman making her way across the roof tops of Gotham City. She slid down those rooftops onto the streets below and robbed two folks of their milk and wallet. Miss Selina Kyle took solace in feeding her feline friends and gaining her new bit of cash. Selina spotted Bruce Wayne and his parents walking around in a dark alley.

As expected, Bruce’s parents were shot down in cold blood by a masked robber. The next scene moved into the Gotham Police Department as a criminal took an officer hostage. A young James Gordon ended up calming the situation down and taking down the suspect. James and Harley got into a minor spat over the right way to handle Gotham’s criminals.

The next scene showed both officers as they arrived at the crime scene where Bruce’s parents were murdered. James offered to help Bruce during his trying times. James explained how his father was killed during a car accident, which helped Bruce come to grips with his parents’ deaths. Bruce explained how his parents’ lives were taken. Alfred arrived afterwards to pick up young Master Bruce.

2. James and Harvey Began Looking for Leads on Their Case


James and Harvey were seen next conversing in a diner about the Wayne’s deaths. Two extra officers (Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen) made their entrance and tried to get James and Harvey to give up their case. Sarah Essen, the captain of the Gotham City Police Department, made sure both men got all the tools necessary to solve the case. Harvey was none too pleased to partner up with James Gordon. The next couple of scenes displayed both cops as they spoke to criminals and tried to get info on their case.

Back in the police department, both officers spoke to Edward Nygma about the type of bullets they found. They soon made their way to Fish Mooney’s seedy club for more details. Mooney and a young Oswald Cobblepot were then seen in a back alley dealing with someone in a pretty violent matter. Mooney and Harvey spoke in private as James took a look around the club. James entered the back alley and saw Cobblepot and his men beating down the man seen before.

James wasn’t took keen about what was transpiring before him. James Gordon returned to see a very cordial meeting between Harvey and Mooney, which seemingly made him weary.

3. A Young Poison Ivy Made an Appearance

Gotham Poison Ivy

James and his girlfriend Barbara Gordon were seen in the next scene speaking about James’ big case. Barbara offered her support to her struggling man. Harvey called in James after he discovered a lead (to a street called “Grundy,” of all places). They entered an apartment and came upon a very young Poison Ivy. Mario Pepper came to the door and spoke to the cops about the Wayne case.

The officers brought up the presence of some missing pearls, which sparked a reaction for Mario. Mario ran out of his home, which led to a rooftop chase sequence. James did his best to capture Harvey as they both went nuts on an exciting chase across town. James and Mario soon found themselves fighting in an alley before Harvey shot Mario down.

4. It Turns Out Mario Pepper was Framed


Soon, both officers were seen back at Mario’s home as they recovered the pearls stolen from the Wayne’s. Back at the police station, both officers got their props. Mr. Cobblepot was seen speaking to Renee and Crispus as he revealed that the GCPD/Fish Mooney framed Mario for the Wayne’s murder. It was implied that Carmine Falcone had some hand in their murder. Cobblepot may have been looking to take his boss Fish Mooney down and take her position as the city’s top crime boss. James made his way to the Wayne’s funeral, which pleased the young Bruce. Renee made her way to the home of James Gordon to give his wife the news of the framing of Mario Pepper.

Once his wife told him what occurred, James went straight to Renee to find out where she got her information. James went back to tell Mario’s wife and daughter about Mario being framed. It turns out the pearls were planted on Mario. James went to take a peek at Mario’s shoes for evidence. James went back to Harvey to speak about these new case framing details.

Back at Fish Mooney’s club, James ran into Mr. Cobblepot and the boss lady herself. James and Fish had a quick conversation about what her and Harvey were talking about before. Soon, James found himself on the receiving end of a beatdown by Fish’s thugs. Barbara became suspicious of where he could be as she spoke to Harvey the next day. James was taken into a slaughterhouse by Mooney’s thugs afterwards.

5. The Falcone Family Saved James and Harvey from Getting Slaughtered


Back at the slaughterhouse, Harvey came upon his partner as he was about be killed. Back at the club, Fish and Harvey spoke on the phone as they tried to bargain for James’ life. Harvey promised to keep James under control as long as they never tried to come to her club with more nonsense. Fish went back on their deal and made sure both officers got taken down in the slaughterhouse. Fish found out that Cobblepot ratted on her to the cops and noticed that he was the only one who saw her with the pearls. Cobblepot was forced to display his loyalty before Fish (she even called him her “little penguin) by cutting up his own arm. Fish went ahead and punished him anyway.

Back at the slaughterhouse, both officers were seen hanging as a brutal killer came to do his dirty work. Suddenly, the Falcone crime family came in shooting up Mooney’s hired hands. The cops lives were saved. The Falcone’s made sure to let the cops know that their are rules to the hierarchy of Gotham.

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