‘Gotham’ Season 1 Premiere & Episode Spoilers

6. James Revealed All The Real Details Behind His Parents’ Deaths


Mr. Falcone and James had a conversation in the back. James knew that Mr. Falcone had his hands in the GCPD. James wanted to know who killed the Wayne’s, but Falcone told him that Gotham needed to see a captured criminal in order for his plan to work. Falcone knew James’s father and told James that he should be careful of how he proceeds in Gotham. Falcone put on that he didn’t know who committed the Wayne’s murders. James and Harvey found themselves back at a pier. It turns out that Cobblepot was found in the trunk of their car. Harvey told him that he was commanded to shoo Cobblepot so he could stay on the good side of the GCPD.

James walked Cobblepot to the end of the pier as Cobblepot released some info about a future gang war. James pretended to shoot Penguin in the back of the head as he whispered “Don’t ever come back to Gotham.” James returned home to his wife knowing that he didn’t kill someone that day. James made his way to Bruce Wayne’s home and stopped Bruce from jumping off the roof. Bruce and James spoke about fear as Alfred was present.

James told them both about the real story behind the crooked partnership between the cops and the Falcone family. James promised to find out who really killed his parents and clean up the GCPD from the inside. A young Catwoman could be seen standing on the outside of the mansion. Later on, Penguin swam back up and killed a man as he made his way back to the surface.

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