Jillan Fink, Patrick Dempsey’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Read on for all the facts on Jillian Fink, the wife of Patrick Dempsey. Check out all the details on how they met, the rumors in the media, and more.

UPDATE: Dempsey and his wife have decided to end their marriage.

1. Fink Is a Famous Makeup Artist

Fink began her professional makeup career in the 1990’s, traveling through Europe to learn and improve her skills. She later began working on movie sets and even befriended Drew Barrymore. Soon, she worked up an A-list clientele. She was also Avon’s first Global Creative Color Director and even has her own high-end cosmetics line.

2. Dempsey and Fink Have Suffered Divorce Rumors in the Past

Over the years, Dempsey and Fink have had rumors about their marriage circulate in the media. In 2011, Celebitchy reported that Star Magazine wrote:

“Patrick has so much going on and likes to take time for himself,” says a source. “Sometimes Jillian feels like she’s stuck at home with the kids.” So she has asked him to compromise by quitting his membership at Easton Gym in Hollywood. “He’ll go there and start chatting with people, especially the cute girls on staff, and stay for hours,” says a source. “Then he hangs out at the diner Swingers across the street with his pals.” What’s more, Patrick has taken to sleeping in a guest room on occasion – and even hitting the town without his wedding ring. “Patrick brushes off concerns about problems at home and does what he wants,” says the source. “But many people in his circle think something is not right.”

Almost every celebrity couple deals with this kind of media, so it’s no surprise that the Grey’s Anatomy star and his wife would have to deal with it as well.

3. Prior to Marrying Fink, Dempsey Was Married to His Best Friend’s Mother Rocky Parker

Dempsey actually married his best friend’s much older mother Rocky Parker. People reports how they got together:

Dempsey was still a kid himself—21—when he married his manager and acting coach Rocky Parker, who was 27 years his senior. “I got a lot out of it; it made me a much better man,” he says. But with the age gap, “people wind up going through two different cycles in their lives.”

They divorced in 1993 and afterwards, Dempsey’s career went downhill … but not for too long. Dempsey is currently a star on Grey’s Anatomy and has an estimated net worth of $40 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

4. She and Dempsey Met at her Hair Salon

Patrick Dempsey's Mother Dies


In 1994, Fink and Dempsey met at her hair salon Delux and Fink was reportedly “always flirting.” At the time, both were in relationships with other people. People Magazine reported:

When Jillian Fink checked the appointment book at her chic L.A. hair salon, Delux, and saw the name “Patrick Dempsey,” she figured it was just another joke by a prankster employee. “All the people he had written in were names of celebrities famous in the ’80s, like Molly Ringwald,” she says. Dempsey—who earned heartthrob status that decade in films like Can’t Buy Me Love and Lover boy—fit the profile. Then he actually turned up for a haircut. “I was shocked,” Fink recalls of that day in 1994. “But at the same time, I was happy because he was so cute.”

It took about three years of occasional haircuts and harmless conversations before the two dated.

5. They Have Three Children Together

Tallulah, Darby, and Sullivan are Dempsey and Fink’s three children. Darby and Sullivan are twins.