Jeff & Juliana Macht, ‘Extreme Weight Loss’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Jeff and Juliana Macht are a father and daughter team on tonight’s Extreme Weight Loss. Read on for the facts …

1. After Considering Bypass Surgery, Jeff Decided to Audition for EWL

Jeff told the Denver Post about his decision to audition for the show:

I’d gotten to the point of thinking about bypass surgery, so I went to the audition in Northfield. They interviewed all us applicants as a group. Then I got called back to come for an on-camera interview. So I went there, did that, and got up to leave. And they said, ‘Here’s the next thing you have to do.’

Jeff is the oldest contestant at age 56 and Juliana is the youngest. Plus, they are the first father-daughter team.

2. Jeff and Juliana Have a Strained Relationship

Jeff says the extra weight he carried around made him a burden on his family because he “hated himself.” And, his daughter Juliana says he was just very verbally abusive. Mother and wife Michelle told Highlands Ranch Herald:

He saw her weight, and he saw himself in that. Him getting mad at her was like him yelling at himself.

Wife and mother Michelle explained Jeff’s relationship with their kids:

He had a strained relationship with both of our other children. They only knew him as heavy. And by the time you’re a teenager, you start caring about what your parents do, and he was 300 pounds by then.

Jeff has turned over a new leaf and looks at his daughter in a whole new light saying:

I’ve never seen a young person like my daughter and the strength she has portrayed this last year. I have amazing respect for her. … Because of this year, I got to look at myself, as the head of the household, finally encouraging my family and not finding things wrong with them, but finding things right. Family has always been very important to me. I had just been blind about how much I let it get away from me.

3. Juliana Tried to Kill Herself

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Because of her weight and school bullying, Juliana tried to commit suicide, telling the Highlands Ranch Herald:

A year ago, I had severe depression. I tried killing myself a year and a half ago. I had been a cutter for three years. There were a lot of family issues, and I got bullied at school a lot. Because I was bigger, I didn’t have a lot of self-worth.

Since her journey, Juliana has a new outlook revealing:

My biggest transformation throughout the year was learning that it’s OK, I don’t have to die. I have a purpose on this earth.

4. On This Episode, the Show Moves to Colorado

Normally, the participants pack up and go to boot camp in California, but the Machts prompted the show to move to the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. The Machts are Colorado natives, so this seemed like a great fit. Trainer Chris Powell told the Denver Post:

It’s one of the top research facilities in the world, in terms of obesity and behavioral science. It seemed like a wonderful fit. And our backyard is the mountains, a perfect playground for fitness. So many things to do! The stairs at Red Rocks!

This is the first time the show has moved its home base, but The Powells and the producers were excited for a location where weather and scenery made outdoor workouts look amazing.

5. Wife And Mother Michelle Was an Enabler

Michelle said she didn’t help things because she would just cook what they wanted to eat, rather than step in. The Highlands Ranch Herald reports:

The lives of the Highlands Ranch family had been pretty intense even before that, culminating in a suicide attempt in 2012. Jeff says he started gaining weight when Michelle was pregnant with their first child, and Michelle said the whole family followed suit over the years. All Jeff wanted to do was come home from work and watch TV — not even getting off the couch for dinner.

Over the course of the show, Michelle herself loses 60 pounds, so she is no longer an enabler.

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