Justin Bieber Charged With Assault & ‘Dangerous Driving’

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Justin Bieber is facing new legal troubles after being charged with assault and dangerous driving in Ontario, Canada. Read on for the facts.

1. Bieber Collided With a Minivan on Friday

According to Breaking News, Bieber was charged with assault and dangerous driving after his ATV crashed into a minivan on Friday.

2. The Crash Occurred Near His Hometown

AM 980 reports that Bieber’s incident occurred near his hometown in Stratford (Canada).

Police responded to a collision involving an ATV and a minivan on Line 40 east of Road 106, just northeast of Stratford, around 3 p.m. Friday.

Bieber was spotted riding an ATV with Selena Gomez on Friday in Ontario as well, but Gomez was not reported to be at the scene.

3. He’s Charged With Dangerous Driving

According to AM 980:

Justin Bieber, 20, of Calabasis California, USA has been charged with dangerous driving, and assault contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada.

4. Bieber Was Arrested

Justin Bieber was arrested but was released after he promised to return for court at a later date. Even so, Bieber is on two years of probation for the egging case in Los Angeles, so this could still end badly for him.

5. His Court Date Is Set for Later This Month

Bieber’s court date is set for September 29, 2014, in Stratford court to answer to the charges. Between his Miami arrest, vandalism charges, and his house raid this year, plus all the other bad press, Bieber may be in hot water again.