Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard
prove that opposites attract. They grew up very differently, but fell in love and made their relationship work.

Although their acting careers put them in the media’s glare, they choose to keep some aspects of their life private and low-key.

As the couple awaits the birth of their child, here’s what you need to know about their love story.

1. They Got Married in a Courthouse for $142

They filled out paperwork online, went to a courthouse, and then realized they needed an officiant to make it legal.

In an interview with Jay Leno, Bell explained, “Finally, someone piped up — who was actually in the courthouse — and said ‘I can actually marry you, if you want right now.,'” she continued. “And we said, ‘Boom, let’s do it.’ And we got it over with.”

The actress’ reasoning behind the low-key nuptials is the fact that as a celebrity, she is already in the limelight every day.

Bell told People, “I don’t fault anyone who wants a big day – especially girls. [But] we get more than enough attention in our everyday lives. I also wear more than enough party dresses.”

2. They Keep Their Daughter Out of the Spotlight

The couple, who is expecting their second child, have a daughter, Lincoln, who was born on March 28, 2013.

They are sure to have no paparazzi shots taken of their child and have never posted a picture of their little one.

“We had always had an agreement that when this little thing came into the world, all bets were off, no pictures would happen. We now have a duty as parents to protect this little one,” Bell told the Today Show.

She continued, “We chose to be the entertainers, so we never post — other than the birth announcement — we’ve posted nothing about her and we don’t plan to.”

Bell famously commented that during her pregnancy she didn’t feel connected to her baby and it scared her.

Her interview with Flare made headlines because of its candidness.

“I kept saying to Dax in all sincerity during my pregnancy, ‘I just don’t know how I’m going to like her as much as I like the dogs.’ I was being serious. Because I f–king love my dogs; they are my children,” she confessed.

3. She Was Religious & He Did Cocaine

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In an interview with Vulture, Bell spoke about the differences in their pasts:

During the first year of our relationship, after I already knew him to be my Prince Charming, Dax would casually go into the details of say, a story about what had happened on spring break in high school or college, and I was aghast that who that person was, who made those decisions, was the person I was looking at now. And I think my Catholic-school upbringing immediately informed me to be judgmental, and I wanted to punish him for things he used to do, or the decisions he used to make, which is so far from what is okay to do.

Shepard shares those sentiments, and told Playboy, “Kristen’s a good girl. She grew up very Christian, went straight to college, did great in school and started work immediately. She’s charitable and philanthropic and rescues dogs. So when we met, our backgrounds were opposites.”

He went on to explain to the magazine what his life was like before he met his future bride:

I just loved to get fucked-up—drinking, cocaine, opiates, marijuana, diet pills, pain pills, everything. Mostly my love was Jack Daniel’s and cocaine. I was famous for going out on Thursday night to have a couple of beers, and that just led all the way to Saturday night.

4. They Starred in ‘Hit & Run’ Together

Hit And Run Official Trailer #1 (2012) Bradley Cooper, Kristen Bell Movie HDSubscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Like us on FACEBOOK: Follow us on TWITTER: Hit And Run Official Trailer #1 (2012) Bradley Cooper, Kristen Bell Movie HD Former getaway driver Charlie Bronson jeopardizes his Witness Protection Plan identity in order to help his girlfriend get to Los Angeles. The feds…2012-05-15T18:29:11Z

In 2012’s Hit in Run, Shepard’s character is under the witness protection program, but never tells his girlfriend, played by Bell.

“My character in Hit and Run, like me, has so many flaws, and Kristen’s is just as perfect as she is,” Shepard commented to Collider.

They also shared the screen briefly in When in Rome in 2010.

5. Dax Got a Tattoo of a Bell Instead of a Wedding Band

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In the interview with Ellen DeGenres, above, he said, “I don’t like wearing jewelry, but I felt obliged to warn all the men that I’m taken. I thought a tattoo would be fitting. And her last name, conveniently, is an object I could tattoo.”

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