Lauren Morelli: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A writer for Orange is the New Black credits the show for helping her to realize her sexuality.

Lauren Morelli came out as gay, filed for a divorce, and is now dating an actress on the series.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. She Came Out as Gay

laura morelli


In May, she wrote about the fact that she realized she was gay after working on Orange is the New Black for Identities.Mic.

She candidly explained, “…from that moment on my life fell into a parallel rhythm with Piper’s story in a way that went from interesting to terrifying in a matter of months.”

Morelli had only been married to a man for five months before she started her work on Season 1.

2. She Filed for Divorce

After only a few months of being married, she started to question her sexuality, and ultimately filed for a divorce from her husband of two years, Steve Basilone.

Also a TV writer, he wrote for The Michael J. Fox Show.

TMZ got the divorce papers, and said it was a joint petition.

The day the site broke the story, he posted this disheartened tweet:

Morelli revealed how hard it is to explain what happened to their marriage.
She told Identities.Mic:

Which is why it’s now a punch in the gut every time I have to say, “I’m getting divorced because I’m gay.” It’s a sentence I’ve said approximately 5,223 times in the last six months. For those of you keeping track, I’m definitely not exaggerating and I’m not prone to hyperbole, ever.

3. She Writes for ‘Orange Is the New Black’

In the piece she wrote for Identities.Mic, she described the atmosphere of the writers’ room and how she felt comfortable confessing some personal glimpses into her life:

I eagerly shared details of innocent, “above-the-waist” flirtations with girls when I’d been younger. I’d even excitedly blurted out, “I would totally sleep with her,” about an actress who had auditioned for Alex (now played brilliantly by Laura Prepon, who shares the role with a pair of glasses).

She told Steeltown about her constant interaction with females because of her job:

I’m completely surrounded by women on the show on every level, from the writer’s room, to the cast, to the crew and producers. It’s truly incredible, and has set a pretty inspiring example for what’s possible.

4. She’s Dating an Actress From the Show

Morelli is in a relationship with Samira Wiley, who plays Poussey on the Netflix series.

According to Us Weekly, “The new couple hit the Emmys together, holding hands and dancing at several afterparties.”

5. Fans Are Showing Support