Lisa & Michelle Thomson – ‘The Amazing Race’

Lisa and Michelle Thomson are realtors in Miami for their own company The Thomson Team. Recently, Lisa was married in a lavish wedding and hopes to use this opportunity for one last hoorah with her sister before she has children. She told CBS:

My sister and I work so hard and have spent the last seven years building this incredible business that we are very successful at, but it has left us with little personal life and I would like to take time to travel and spend quality time together. I recently got married and before I start to have a family, I would like to have this one last challenge with my sister.

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Reportedly, the Thomson sisters have one of the top 10 best real estate teams in Florida and, while Lisa is 28, her sister Michelle is only 22 years old. Being sisters who work so closely together, can be annoying at times, as Lisa says Michelle can be very stubborn. Michelle, on the other hand, tells CBS:

Lisa talks SO LOUDLY and most of the time it is hard to get a word in…We just end up talking over each other.

Do these two sisters have what it takes to win The Amazing Race or will their short-comings get in their way?

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