Lolo Jones – The ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Contestant Who Should Be Eliminated

In the past, female athletes (other than Amy Purdy) don’t do well on Dancing With the Stars. For some reason, the rhythm just isn’t there and, though they have the drive, the moves just don’t come together. This was definitely the case last night on the season 19 premiere as Lolo Jones took the dance floor with new pro partner Keo.

What made matters worse for Jones after her performance tanked, was that she continued to tear herself down and talk non-stop about how horrible she was. She also couldn’t hide her displeased facial expressions whenever she was seen on-camera throughout the rest of the show.

Fashion designer Betsey Johnson got a low score for her dance, but her attitude was fantastic and she was full of personality. It looks like Lolo Jones may be packing up her dance gear and leaving the ballroom tonight.