Lyda Loudon: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

In 1983, Steven Bauer was busy starring in Scarface, his 18-year-old girlfriend, Lyda Loudon, was 13 years away from being born. Since July, Bauer has been stepping out with the Loudon, the couple were first reported together at a movie even in July, according to US Weekly.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Her Mother Says Loudon Won’t Have Sex Till Marriage

Loudon’s mother, Gina, wrote an essay in July upon learning of her daughter’s relationship with Bauer. In it she wrote:

Lyda is committed to waiting until she is married to have sex. She is so committed to virginity that she gave her little sister a purity ring for her birthday, and I sat in awe as I listened to the wisdom of this big sister speak.

On her Twitter feed, Loudon describes herself as a “journalist” and an “inspirer.” She says that she is the host of a show called Sarcasm Overdose and a “film/music/cigar/expresso” addict.

2. Bauer’s Kids Are Older Than Loudon

Steven Bauer Melanie Griffith


There’s a 39-year age difference between Bauer and Loudon. In fact, Bauer’s kids, Alexander and Dylan, are both well in their 20s. Actress Melanie Griffith is their mother, she and Bauer were married and divorced before Loudon was born.

3. She Founded the Tea Party Youth

She’s a firebrand libertarian/conservative. According to the Tea Party Conference, she founded the “Tea Party Youth.” That group describes itself as “the only youth-founded, youth-owned and youth-controlled movement exclusively dedicated to the Tea Party’s future.”

4. Loudon Is From St. Louis

On her Facebook page, she says that she’s a native of St. Louis but now lives in San Diego. On Twitter, she refers to it as being “assembled” in St. Louis.

5. Her Mother Helped to Found the Tea Party

Her mother is Tea Party founder, Dr. Gina Loudon. Dr. Gina is the author of the book Ladies and Gentlemen: Why the Survival of our Republic Depends on the Revival of Honor. She’s also appeared on Fox News, the BBC, and The Daily Show. Sarah Palin described her as “Not only [is she] gorgeous, [she is] smart…and fighting hard for all the right things!” Lyda’s father is John Loudon. Dr. Gina wrote about learning of Bauer’s relationship with her daughter when she wrote:

I turned to Lyda and cried. We held each other, and our friends, all too familiar with how these gossip magazines function. This would not be an easy week. But it would be clarifying. We had known this day was coming for a while. By God’s grace, I was by my daughter’s side when it happened.