‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Finale Spoiler: Michelle Money & Cody Sattler Are Still Together

Bachelor In Paradise airs its finale tonight and we’ve got some giant spoilers for you. Michelle Money and Cody Sattler make it to the end and the two are reportedly still together today. In fact, Cody is currently living with new Bachelor Chris Soules in Iowa to train him, getting him into shape for the camera. Once Soules leaves to start filming, Cody will be supposedly moving to be closer to Michelle. Reality Steve reports:

Cody has been living in Iowa with Chris for a few weeks now to train him, then once Chris leaves for filming, Cody is all packed and ready to move to Utah to be with Michelle. I highly doubt he’s moving in with her or they’re getting a place together. I’m just hearing he’s moving there once Chris leaves for filming. So I guess the “I’ll tell her I love her after a few days” tricked seemed to work for him.

As for tonight’s finally, Michelle was a bit on the fence with Cody, who revealed to her that he loves her. But, a night in the fantasy suite seemed to have a big effect on her …

It’s kind of nice that the two people most desperate (in a good way) to find love in the Bachelor franchise have ended up together … at least for now. Best of luck to the BIP couple.