Miriam Troyer, ‘Breaking Amish’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Miriam Troyer is one of the new cast members of Breaking Amish. Read on for all the details on how Miriam dealth with having a son out of wedlock, her being shunned, and how she adjusts to live in New York.

1. Troyer Has a Son

Miriam Troyer went off to explore the world during Rumpsringa, which is when young members of the Amish are expected to explore the world. Troyer came back with a son and was reportedly shunned by her family. Bustle.com writes:

She had a son out of wedlock with an English man and her community has shunned her ever since. Because of that and her overall unhappiness with the church, Miriam has switched between living as Amish and English during the past few years.

Miriam became pregnant just before her 18th birthday and her son Aaron is now 8 years old.

2. After Being Shunned, It Tore Miriam’s Family Apart

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Miriam revealed that being shunned really rocked her world and hurt her family.

When you’re shunned, you are completely cut off from the community. Everybody turned their back on me. They’d see me walking down the road and stuff…they wouldn’t even acknowledge the fact that I was there. Everybody walks away from me because they know I’m shunned and they know that I’m an outsider. Being shunned took a toll on me and my family. It tore us apart. I was not allowed to sit at the table and eat meals with my family. I couldn’t interact with them.

Her sister has always been there for her despite being shunned.

3. She Dreams of Becoming a Construction Worker

Miriam has been going back and forth between English and Amish lifestyles since being shunned. She dreams of becoming a construction worker and she hopes to make a better life for her son. The NY Daily News writes:

Troyer is raising her 8-year-old son in rural Ohio, miles from the nearest gas station. She remains in the Amish community, though her family shunned her because of the pregnancy.

4. Living In Brooklyn Has Given Troyer Confidence

Troyer reveals that she was taught to think that anything outside their community is bad. However, she feels the opposite, telling NY Daily News:

We were raised to think it’s all bad outside our community. Living in New York has taught me to have confidence in myself. To step forward and do what I want to do. It’s not a bad life.

Brooklyn may be a nice change, but it doesn’t look like Troyer will be moving there any time soon.

5. She Can’t Get Used to All the Honking Horns in NYC

Miriam enjoys the city life, but one thing she cannot get used to is all the cars honking their horns.

The worst thing for me is all the horn honking. At home when you hear a horn, it’s because someone you know is driving up to the house. Around here, it’s just a lot of people who want to get somewhere faster.

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