WATCH: Miss America 2015 Pageant Competition Show

In case you missed the big event, have a look at the full show of the 2015 Miss America competition above. And, for more information on the pageant, check out a couple links below:

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I was suspicious that the top 5 questions were disguised in a gold seashell & disgusted when Miss New York (the winner, big surprise) seemingly couldn’t get the question out of the bowl and was directed to “just take another one” by an unprofessional frumpy middle aged woman (I missed out on who the woman was). I have always seen questions in a clear glass bowl for what I assumed were obvious reasons. This odd little malfunction could have been a fluke but an event of this level should be seamless and it lends itself to suspicion that the now winning contestant may have had a rigged act set up with the frumpy middle aged woman giving her a chance to select a specific judges question. This should be investigated immediately, and I mean right now! The contestants work very hard, and like the olympics it is typically a once in a lifetime shot that has no room for error or special considerations for anyone!

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