‘NCIS’ Season 12 Spoilers: Premiere & Episode Clips

The 12th season of long-running show NCIS premieres tonight and we’ve got all the spoilers and details we could find to get you ready for the action. Check it out.

TV Guide fives the rundown on the first episode:

With no cliff-hanger to resolve, NCIS gets off to a fresh start on Tuesday’s season premiere, which finds Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and McGee (Sean Murray) heading to Russia to escort an NCIS computer engineer home safely. But they quickly find themselves the targets of a local mercenary group, putting both their lives and classified intel at risk.

TV Line gives a more in-depth description of the first episode, with Sean Murray stating:

There’s an Internet technician, an IT guy, who’s in Russia and is supposed to be delivering the body of his dead uncle back to the States. Gibbs is sent to go ahead and escort him, and he picks McGee to go along with him. And then it all happens pretty quickly. Right from the get-go they’re in Russia and in a helicopter …

TV Guide talks about a new character introduced in episode 4:

Leia Pendergast (Stephanie Jacobsen), a former U.S. marshal-turned-FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force leader who partners with Tony on a case … and then in real life. Her introduction will happen around Episode 4.

– On episode 3, the show will focus on Ducky (David McCallum) and his backstory.

– There is a new villain. Gibbs and McGee encounter a new bad guy on their trip to Russia and this villain will carry through the entire season. The character may even overlap with NCIS: New Orleans.

– Alex Veadov will play the adversary this season.

– We finally meet Ellie Bishop’s husband Jake, who works for the NSA. TV Guide writes:

It’s likely that he’ll be introduced under the guise of helping out with a case or two, according to Glasberg.

– Gibbs gets some “blasts from the past,” according to TV Guide:

The “one unnamed ex-wife of Gibbs” will probably make an appearance in one episode, Glasberg says. At the same time, Gibbs’ father (Waite) may be gone, but he won’t be forgotten. “There’s no doubt that there’s emotional resonance that he carries with him, and those moments will appear throughout the season,” Glasberg says.

– DiNozzo and Pendergrast are rumored to have a romance.

– There’s a chance that Ziva will make a return and she will be reunited with Tony … but nothing’s been set in stone.

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