Pam Dawber: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Pam Dawber’s breakthrough role came when she was 27 and starred in what came to be an iconic sitcom, Mork & Mindy.

After playing alongside Robin Williams on that show, Dawber’s life and career was never the same.

At the time of his death, she said, “I am completely and totally devastated. What more can be said?”

On September 9, PBS is airing a special on the beloved comedian’s life, Robin Williams Remembered-A Pioneers of Television Special, which will feature an interview with Dawber.

Here’s what you should know about her.

1. She Was Mindy to Robin’s Mork on ‘Mork & Mindy’

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Williams and Dawber were both 27 when they starred together in the 1978 sitcom Mork & Mindy. “They hired him, and then they looked for a girl. So it ended up being me,” she told ET.

The two went through a great deal together in the years they worked on the show. “From the late ’70s to the early ’80s, a lot happened, both personally and in the world at the time, with Robin … well, all of us, really, being catapulted to fame because of Robin,” she told A.V. Club.

“I think it was the singles greatest learning experience of my life,” she said in the same interview about working with Williams. “I don’t know what it is about the two of us, but I have just loved him on a very deep level. Robin is truly one of the kindest, most caring people I’ve ever met.”

She started her career as a model but preferred acting.

2. She Guest-Starred With Robin on ‘The Crazy Ones’

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Williams returned to the sitcom world with The Crazy Ones, and soon Dawber was called upon to play his old flame.

At first, the actress was skeptical. However, she said “yes” because she hadn’t seen Williams in 20 years and relished the idea of working with him again.

In an interview with Craig Ferguson, shown below, she said, “When they called me to ask me to be on an episode, it wasn’t like I was dying to get back into show business because I just wanted to see Robin. … I hadn’t seen Robin in 20 years.”

Pam Dawber on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 8th April 2014Pam Dawber appearing on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson April 20142014-04-10T00:06:15.000Z

She told the A.V. Club, “But I hadn’t seen Robin in 20 years, and… I don’t do episodic. I mean, I’ve obviously done it, but that was something I was never really interested in.”

3. Her Costar Was Shot Dead

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Dawber starred with Rebecca Schaeffer in the 1986 sitcom My Sister Sam. On the show, Schaeffer, who was 18 at the time, played the younger sister of Dawber’s character, Sam.

Schaeffer was shot and killed when she was 21 by a fan outside of her apartment building in Hollywood.

4. She’s Mark Harmon’s Wife

mark harmon


Dawber married actor Mark Harmon in 1987. They met the year before at a party, introduced by actress Gina Hecht.

Harmon is known for his role in NCIS.

5. She Gave Up Her Career to Raise Her Kids

“I pretty much gave it up to raise my children because my husband was working all the time,” she told ET. Sean was born in 1988 and Ty in June of 1992.

Sean is an actor, and according to his website’s filmography field, he has appeared on NCIS.

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