Rosa Mendes, ‘Total Divas’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rosa Mendes, born Milena Leticia Roucka, is a Canadian professional wrestler and model with a colorful past. Read on for the juice on Mendes below.

1. Mendes Is the New Diva on the Block

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Rosa Mendes joins the Total Divas show and the girls are not as friendly as she would have hoped. Apparently, Mendes hadn’t been around for a reason. Brie Bella reveals:

The main reason why Rosa was off the road is that her reputation got very out of control. Sometimes you can lose yourself, you make a couple mistakes and that’s it. I just hope that she can handle the road again.

Mark Carrano, WWE’s senior director of talent relations, tells cast member Nattie to try to help Mendes, but Nattie isn’t into “babysitting.”

2. She Was Once Involved in a Domestic Abuse Scandal

Mendes was engaged to former WWE talent Andy Slocum while he was reportedly also engaged to Amber Stovall, who reportedly was unaware that Slocum was not exclusive with her. Slocum was then accused of beating fiancee Mendes when they were in Vegas. According to Wrestling Inc:

Many people within WWE believe that she fabricated a story last year where her then-fiancé, former WWE talent Steven Slocum (a/k/a Jackson Andrews), had physically abused her.

3. Recently, Mendes Had a Big Wardrobe Malfunction at a WWE Event

During a match on an episode of WWE Main Event, wrestler Layla grabbed Mendes’ bottoms and the crowd got more than they anticipated. Check out the oopsy moment in the above photo.

4. She Used to Manage the Wrestling Team Primo & Epico

Mendes started managing the tag team Primo and Epico on the December 1, 2011 Superstars. When Mendes was with Primo and Epico, she began a rivalry with Natalya. Wikipedia gives the run-down on the story:

On the January 4 SmackDown, Mendes teamed with Primo and Epico and lost to Natalya, Hornswoggle and The Great Khali … On the April 19th Smackdown, they lost again to Natalya, Hornswoggle and Khali. This match was due to an argument over a parking spot. The next day, on WWE Saturday Morning Slam Rosa, Primo and Epico were interviewed by Natalya. They insulted her, setting up another rematch with Natalya, Hornswoggle and Khali the next week, which they lost again.

5. Mendes Was Reportedly In Rehab

Rosa Mendes took a 4-month hiatus from wrestling and it was unknown for a while as to why. Wrestling 101 writes that it was due to a stint in rehab:

The WWE Diva has actually been in a rehabilitation center for the past four months. It is not currently known just what the former valet’s addiction was, but given WWE’s Wellness Policy, one would assume that anything besides alcohol would have come up in one of WWE’s random drug tests and resulted in Rosa getting suspended and, since she was not suspended, an alcohol abuse issue seems likely.

Mendes had supposedly been doing a lot of partying and the WWE said she was taking a hiatus for “personal issues.”

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