Ryan Rottman, MTV’s ‘Happyland’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

ryan rottman

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The highly anticipated pilot of Happyland premieres on September 30.

Heavy interviewed Ryan Rottman, who plays Theodore on the MTV show, which explores the behind-the-scene world of a theme park.

The 30-year-old actor is enjoying working on the series, saying that the atmosphere on set is “very relaxed.”

“We all get along really well. We’re always playing jokes on one another,” he said.

Before the show airs, learn more about the Southern gentleman behind Theodore Chandler.

1. He Plays Happyland Royalty

happyland theodore

Rottman plays Theodore Chandler, who The Hollywood Reporter describes as “the handsome, Armani-clad, well-bred and well-mannered older son of the president of Happyland Theme Park, who serves as its creative director.”

2. He Grew Up in Texas

ryan rottman

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“I grew up in a small town in Lufkin, Texas. My high school didn’t really have a theater department. So I knew it was something I wanted to do, but I didn’t really have an outlet for it,” he said.

He went to Texas Tech, majoring in business and minoring in theater.

One summer, he decided to move to L.A., where he wound up attending the New York Film Academy. “I just came here out for the summer, didn’t know anyone, gave it a shot,” he said.

His first big role came in 2008’s The House Bunny, with Anna Faris.

3. He Thinks People Can Relate to Forbidden Love

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The main couple on the show, Lucy Velez and Ian Chandler, played by Bianca Santos and Shane Harper, become interested in one another, and at the end of the pilot, Lucy discovers they share the same father.

The show’s creator, Ben Epstein, told The Hollywood Reporter:

We should also look at the phrase ‘incest.’ It’s not that these were consensual brother and sister knowing full well who they were. The show is not about, ‘I want you so bad but society won’t let us happen.’ It’s not Game of Thrones. Even though there is an incest component, I think the show is not about willing incest participants. How Lucy responds to this information, what she does with it, that’s going to carry us into the next couple of episodes and into the series itself.

“It is throughout the series, an issue,” Rottman said. He went on to say that many people face forbidden love of some kind in their lives.

“What’s TV without a little drama? A little something to keep you watching,” he added.

4. He’s BFFs With Zac

ryan rottman


When asked about his friendship with Zac Efron, he said, “That’s my best friend, he’s a great guy.”

We then brought up the fact that we interviewed Efron for his movie The Neighbors, where he played a fraternity president.

Rottman himself is a member of the fraternity Phi Gamma Delta.

5. His Guilty Pleasure Is Watching Crime Dramas

Although he is on what MTV describes as a “soapy teen dramedy,” Rottman has a diverse taste in television shows.

When asked about his favorites, he replied, “I just finished The Killing, which is phenomenal. I watch Seinfeld every day.”

“My guilty pleasure, TV-wise, is the ID Network. Any kind of crime drama I’m very intrigued by,” he added.

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