‘Scandal’ Season 4 Spoilers: Premiere, Cast & Episode Guide

It’s a night of Scandal as the season 4 premiere has finally come. Read on for all the spoilers on this season’s drama, guest stars, and episode details …

– Actor Guillermo Diaz reveals to Entertainment Weekly:

You’re going to see the characters dealing with Harrison’s death, which, out of all the things we can and cannot say, how crazy is it that I can say that Harrison is dead? I’m so confused! But he’s dead. Dead as a doornail.

Executive Producer Betsy Beers adds:

It’s safe to say that there’s no way that you can lose a child or one of the closest members of your work family and not have there be a rippling affect throughout everyone’s life. You can expect that both of those deaths have had a profound effect on the people involved.

– Olivia and Jake will return to D.C. because an event will bring them back, setting her and Jake apart on different paths.

Spoiler TV reported on the premiere episode of Scandal Season 4:

“Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia” will start off months after Olivia rode a plane with Jake. Cyrus and Fitz will find ways to inject positivity for another set of four years of having the highest position in the country. Unfortunately, things are not easy for Mellie and Olivia’s remaining associates as they try to move one with their losses.

Entertainment Weekly reports:

VP Andrew Nichols (Jon Tenney) will return this season and he may not necessarily be pleased with the way Fitz is running his administration. “Like any vice president, this is Fitz’s second term, so he probably has his eyes on the term after that,” Tenney says, noting that Andrew and Mellie’s dalliance may be on hold for the moment.

– As far as Mellie goes, Entertainment Weekly writes:

Jerry Jr.’s death has really impacted the First Lady. “She reacts in a very surprising way,” Young says. “Facing death, your own or someone else you love, makes you ask even larger questions. I think her questions right now are more existential than political.” However, “There is only so much truth that politicians can weather,” which means that Mellie may need to get her act together sooner rather than later to support her husband. “They’ve never been closer and never been further apart,” she adds. “It’s like they’ve been through a war with all that’s gone on. They’re forced together for at least another four years because they’re still in the public eye.”

Body of Proof’s Mary Mouser will now play the role of Mellie and Fitz’s daughter Karen, which was previously portrayed by Madeline Carroll, according to E! News.

And, as for Cyrus:

After inadvertently being responsible for the death of his husband, James (Dan Bucatinsky), Cyrus may find some happiness in the new season. “We start to get a feeling that Cyrus might actually date again,” Perry says.

– Kate Burton will return in the second half of the season.

– The synopsis of the first episode reads:

Two months after the reelection, everything has changed. Fitz and Cyrus try to make a positive impact with their second term while Mellie struggles with the loss of her son. And the gladiators feel the impact of Olivia’s absence.

– Abby moves forward with her life after coming from an abusive marriage.

– Portia de Rossi’s character stirs up some trouble this season. E! News reports:

Portia De Rossi is set to shake things up in a major way as…well, she’s not even allowed to say who she is playing! I can say that she’s very powerful and she’s a power player in D.C.,” the guest star spills. However, we do know one little nugget of info about her character: she’s a Republican! … Aside from De Rossi, other newbies in season four include Private Practice’s Brian Benben in a top-secret role and Lost alum Sonya Walger in a top-secret role.

Entertainment Weekly writes:

In the wake of losing his son, Fitz plans to turn his administration around. “Cyrus and Fitz roll up their sleeves, and Fitz proposes a strikingly radical, shocking-to-both-sides-of-the-aisle political agenda,” Jeff Perry says. Both guys politically feel like, ‘What do we have left to lose? We’ve had horrible personal loss, we’re in the second term, let’s do something we’re proud of.”

– And, just for fun, check out the cast of Scandal playing a game on the Ellen Show this week in the below video: