Sonni Pacheco: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Who is Jeremy Renner's wife?


Sonni Pacheco wed actor Jeremy Renner in secret. That’s according to an interview the actor gave to to Capitol File magazine.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Renner Kept the Marriage a Secret Because he Doesn’t Like to Be Followed

Jeremy Renner told the magazine:

I have tried to protect my family’s privacy, my wife’s privacy. I don’t need her to get hammered with my life.

He then confirmed that he was a married man and explained the reasons why he kept the nuptials a secret:

It’s annoying being followed when I’m with my family. It’s not just me—everyone [in Hollywood] has to deal with that. I’ve been talked about a whole lot, because the less I put out there, the less people know, and it makes it interesting, I assume.

2. They Already Have a Daughter Together

She and Renner have a daughter together, Ava Berlin Renner, who was born in March 2013. At the time of their daughter’s birth, the couple had split up briefly. However, Renner still invited her to live with him during their daughter’s first few months, according to the National Enquirer.

3. She Was in One of the American Pie Movies

Pacheco is a model but has also had some acting experience, among the roles she’s remembered for are “Splendid Wet T-Shirt Girl” in American Pie Presents: The Book of Love.

4. She Was a ‘Monster Girl’

Before giving birth to Renner’s daughter, Pacheco was a spokesperson for Monster Energy Drinks. She was a “Monster Girl.”

5. They Met on the Set of One of Renner’s Movies

According to the National Enquirer, the couple met while she was on the set of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. The same Enquirer article says that Pacheco is a native of Vancouver, Canada.

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