‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 7 Premiere Live Recap & Spoilers

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Tonight’s Sons of Anarchy premiere for the seventh season is two hours long and starts off with Jax Teller beating up a guy in a prison bathroom, slitting him open with a knife and then yanking out his teeth. It’s definitely a bad ass way to start off the final season …

Read on for all the spoilers from tonight’s show, kicking things off with our live blog for the big event …

Jax’s mother Gemma goes down to the county jail to visit him after her murder of Tara. Jax still doesn’t know it’s Gemma who killed her and she’s the only person he’ll talk to. Gemma seems to feel guilty about what she’s done.

We meet Marilyn Manson’s character Ron Tully as Jax presents him with his snitch’s teeth. Jax wants to be in his good graces to expand his power base.

When the District Attorney visits Jax to try to gather information about Tara’s death, he remains silent. She opens up about her losing loved ones and about the desire for revenge. She says that she couldn’t tie Jax to the murder and that she’s letting him out of jail.

Juice is in hiding for the club, which poses a problem for Wendy. Wendy goes to talk to Jax and Juice asks her not to tell Jax about it. Wendy does confront Gemma about Juice’s hiding though.

Jax asks his mother Gemma about Tara’s funeral and she tells him it was quiet and respectful. She tells Jax that his son Abel doesn’t know what happened, but knows that his mother is in heaven. Jax thanks her for all her help and tells her he loves her.

The guys meet up with Jax and give them their condolences about Tara. He then speaks to Wendy at the request of his mother. Wendy tells Jax how sorry she feels for him about Tara. She says she doesn’t care if Abel ever knows she’s his mother. She says she just wants to help.

Gemma tells Juice she’s going to get some money together to get Juice out of town and gives him a week to figure things out. Juice asks her how Jax is doing and Gemma tells him that he’s sad. Gemma is determined to protect her family and the club, saying that lying to Jax is the right thing to do.

The D.A. offers Unser a consulting job … to help find Tara’s killer.

Seeking revenge, the guys raid an apartment and walk in on a gang bang. They end up shooting all four people and find out they killed them unnecessarily.

Nero and Gemma make out, smoothing things over between the two of them.

Later on, Unser goes back to Wendy’s apartment to further investigate and Juice surprises him with a gun to his head.

Gemma says that the night Tara was killed, she spotted a Mercedes in the driveway and she saw a guy come out of the house. She blames an innocent Asian boy at the bar.

Juice has tied up Unser and is guarding him at gunpoint.

Unser goes over to Wendy’s and starts doing some investigating, spotting Juice’s bag in the closet and questioning her about her groceries.

Gemma has the Asian boy tied to a chair with a gag in his mouth in her kitchen and let’s the guys go to town on him. It’s pretty disturbing. Jax says, “You killed my wife.” When the poor guy tries to talk, you can’t hear him because he has a gag in his mouth. Jax pulls out knives, screwdrivers, salt, and pliers. And, it all plays out to a killer rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Jax ends his life by stabbing him in the skull.

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