Stana Katic & Nathan Fillion: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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When Castle came on the air in 2009, all people could talk about was the palpable chemistry between Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion.

Since their on-screen connection seems so genuine, fans believe that the couple is together in real life.

To the disappointment of Caskett fans, their endearing nickname, they are not.

Here’s what you should know about their friendship and on-screen relationship.

1. They Had Too Much Chemistry at First

In the interview with CNN, shown above, Katic dishes on the initial reaction to their flirtation on the show.

“When we filmed the pilot and they showed the network head the pilot, the big fat note was, “Can you pull it back because they look like they’re about to get together in episode two,” she said.

2. It Took 4 Years for Castle & Beckett to Get Together

During the Season 4 finale, shown above, Beckett visits Castle during a rainstorm. When he answers the door, asking, ‘What do you want?” she answers, “I want you.”

She tells him that she almost died, but all she could think about was him.

When Wetpaint asked Katic what it was like to kiss Fillion, she said, “Titillating.”

With Season 7 upon us, there is a marriage in the couple’s future.

However, fans will have to wait to see what plays out.

At the end of last season, it is their wedding day, but Castle is nowhere to be found. Beckett gets a call and arrives to the scene only to find Castle’s car on fire.

Creator Andrew Marlowe told TV Line,

“We know that we owe [the fans] a wedding that accurately reflects who Castle and Beckett are…”

3. They Both Believe in Not Rushing Into Things

The actors do agree that relationships should be taken slowly, which could be why they play their characters so well.

Katic dished:

I think Nathan believes in the not-rushing-into-anything concept. And I do as well. I believe that they really have a great working relationship, and there are still elements of the story that need to be revealed. I think for Kate it’s really important that she knows what happened to Castle’s other marriages. That’s still unclear. She’s always kind of been known to be the one with a ‘type,’ and I don’t think she’d jump into something with a person she feels couldn’t be committed to a relationship.

4. We’re Waiting for a Caskett Wedding

After vanishing moments before his wedding, Castle is found months later, and has no memory of where he was.

In this promo clip above, the writer is interviewed and he says, “We’ve been through a very tough experience. We’re still trying to make sense…”

5. Stana Says They Aren’t Making Out Off Screen

Watch the interview above, where Katic gets the question of whether or not they are locking lips when the cameras are off.

“I think Nathan and I have a really great chemistry as friends and as coworkers,” she says.

The actress also credits the supreme writing for their success on screen.

“The writing is there already to give that kind of back and forth between the guy and the girl character,” she adds.

“Now if we’re making out behind the scenes, I can’t really tell you guys that,” she teases at the end.