PHOTOS: ‘Survivor’ 2014 Cast – Meet the Season 29 Contestants

Meet all the new contestants for the 29th season of Survivor, titled Survivor: San Juan Del Sur. This season, the show is bringing back its Blood vs. Water theme where each team of loved ones compete against each other. And, each contestant this year is new to the show. Host Jeff Probst revealed to TV Guide: Blood vs. water had such a positive response from the audience that we fell in love with the idea and decided, let's just do it again and let's twist it and not bring any returning players back, and see what that does to the dynamic. And it definitely shifted it. People came in out of the gate saying, let's let loved ones dominate this game and try to get as deep as we can with as many pairs. So right from the beginning there was a new strategy. In addition, the show is bringing back its "Exile Island" twist, where at the beginning of each episode, a team of loved ones will go up against each other in a "hero challenge." The loser will be sent to Exile Island. According to the host Probst, this season will be very "unorthodox" as there will be a lot of drama, problems, and issues that the show never dealt with before ... Let's start with contestant Wes Nale ... Wes Nale is a firefighter, like his dad Keith, who was his inspiration for his career choice. Again, like his own dad, his father is his inspiration in life, as he tells CBS: My dad because he has always been a family man who has been there for me. He has taught me everything I know to this day and I give him credit for making me the man I am today. When it comes to playing the competition with his dad, Wes tells CBS: Getting to play with my loved one is going to be awesome. I’m sure my dad will impress me with everything he does and how he will play his social game. It will be more fun playing the game of Survivor with him because I will have somebody on the island that I could 100% trust when things get tough or when big moves need to be made. (Twitter)