‘Teen Wolf’ Finale Spoilers, Predictions & Episode Clips

Tonight’s season 4 finale of Teen Wolf is titled “Smoke And Mirrors.” Read on for all the predictions and spoilers we could find to get you ready for the big episode.

  • The episode synopsis reads: In order to save the pack from Kate, Scott and Stiles return to La Iglesia. This “official” synopsis is wrong as Scott is the one who needs saving at this point, according to Teen Wolf Wikia.

  • At the Young Hollywood Awards on July 27, star Dylan O’Brien, 22, teased the idea of a big death at the end of the season. Check out his interview reveal in the video below:

  • Star Dylan O’Brien says you can always expect a big death on the show, but he assures Hollywood Life that he’s in the clear. He does state that everyone’s life is on the line in the finale episode.

  • Arden Cho spoke with E! News about the finale, revealing:

    There are some twists still coming. People are going to cry. It’s going to be sad. There are going to be a lot of unexpected twists and I think people are going to be very surprised.

  • As for Season 5, it will premiere next summer with 20 episodes.