‘The Blacklist’ Premiere: Season 2 Spoilers & Episode Clips

Tonight is the season 2 premiere of The Blacklist and we’ve got all the info on Red (Jack Spader) for the first episode, in addition to the rest of the season.

– Executive Producer Jon Bokenkamp dishes on a “darker” Liz, telling TV Guide:

Whether or not he is her father, we look at it as a father-daughter story. [This season we] have Liz in a darker space, which I think she will have earned given all that she’s had happen to her in her life. And to have Red as sort of a surrogate parent trying to counsel her out of a dark space. It’s such a weird thing to imagine, Red Reddington trying to counsel someone on how not to act in a dark, angry way.

– The synopsis for the first episode titled “Lord Baltimore” reads:

Red continues to battle Berlin and faces a new threat from a man named Lord Baltimore. An important person comes back from the past into Red’s world. Meanwhile, Liz tries to move forward with her life after her showdown with Tom.

– Mary-Louise Parker joins the show and TV Guide writes:

The former Weedsstar swings by this season for the recurring role as Naomi Hyland, a woman who knows Red rather well. “[Naomi] is somebody who has deep emotional ties to Red and is going to be sort of a window for the audience into Red’s past and into what he cares about and who he was before he was the concierge of crime,” Bokenkamp says, adding, “Any connection she has to Liz is still in question.” Hmm, could it have anything to do with the fact that she looks related to Liz?

– Berlin insinuates that Liz is Red’s daughter as he threatens him saying:

I’m going to do to her what you did to my daughter. I’m going to send her back to you piece by piece … by piece.

– According to TV Guide: Mozhan Marno enters The Blacklist as former Mossad agent Samar Navabi, who will join the FBI taskforce after impressing the team in a unique way.

Navabi is reportedly fascinated by Red and forms a sisterly bond with Liz.

– The second episode of the season is titled “Monarch Douglas Bank” and the synopsis reads:

When the Monarch Douglas Bank is robbed, Red seizes the opportunity to try and take the money-laundering bank down. Liz questions Red’s intentions as she investigates the crime. Meanwhile, a new member joins Cooper’s taskforce after impressing everyone on the team.

– Pee Wee Herman joins the cast: Paul Reubens will guest-star as the yellow-turtleneck-wearing Mr. Vargas, who handles delicate situations in the criminal underworld for Red but at the same time may not be entirely trustworthy. Like the mysterious Mr. Kaplan (Susan Blommaert), Vargas could recur when his particular skills are needed. “He’s woven into the worlds of Berlin and Red,” Bokenkamp explains. “I know we see him in more than one episode. Mr. Kaplan is one of those characters where people responded to that character and so we like bringing her back now. He is one of those that fits into that world that we’re trying to build out.”

– Christian Post reveals:

A synopsis for the show’s third episode entitled “Dr. James Covington” suggests that agents Keen and Ressler will be dealing a black-market operation that involves the trade of human organs, headed by a certain Dr. Covington.

– You can watch the show via live stream by clicking here.