‘Bad Girls Club: Redemption’ Cast Photos

Tonight is the premiere of Bad Girls Club: Redemption, the 13th season of the show. The cast consists of nine girls from previous seasons and life coach Laura Baron from season 12. This season takes place in Los Angeles and the premiere episode is titled "Return to the Mansion." The synopsis of this episode reads: The Girls who will soon arrive at the Los Angeles mansion for season 13 are introduced, and though they come from different seasons and backgrounds, they all have one thing in common, they are seeking redemption. The second episode is titled "Bad Girls Don't Cry" and the synopsis of that episode is: Nine Feisty women return to live together, determined to change for the better, but even though they hope that they can use their time in the house to repair their damaged reputations, Judi quickly proves that old habits die hard. Uh oh. It looks like the women are in for another season of craziness. Click through our cast gallery to see which cast members are returning to the chaos this season ... First of the girls is ... Camilla Poindexter from Season 8: Las Vegas, aka The Long Beach Loudmouth.