Does Barbara Walters Have Dementia?

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Months ago, Barbara Walters retired as host of The View after many years, though she remains on the production side of things. According to Radar Online, Walters was supposed to appearing on The View for a guest spot, but those plans have been squashed. Here’s the rundown:

Friends fear that TV news icon Barbara Walters may be suffering from senile dementia in her retirement, the new issue of The National ENQUIRER reports. According to a source, pals and colleagues have noticed that Walters, 85, is starting to have memory lapses. And her state is so serious that a planned guest spot for Walters on The View, the talk show she once reigned over, was scrapped, The ENQUIRER notes.

A source told The National Enquirer:

Barbara was supposed to go on The View now that the new season has begun. But network brass deep-sixed the idea—scared of what she’d say on live TV.

Reportedly, Walters had wanted to appear on the new season’s premiere episode, but the idea was killed by producers.

We wish Walters the best and hope that she is in good health.