‘Criminal Minds’ Season 10 Premiere Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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Tonight was the season 10 premiere of Criminal Minds, titled “X”. Read on for the top 5 best spoilers from tonight’s episode below.

1. Agent Kate Callahan Joins the Team

Jennifer Love Hewitt joins the show as Agent Kate Callahan, who starts off on the show on an undercover assignment against a pedophile. She’s feisty and loves her job, but she’s got a past. Callahan doesn’t have trouble fitting in with the team as they all seem to have met her before, so they just jump into business as usual.

With Blake leaving the team on the season 9 finale, Callahan takes her place.

2. Garcia Is Dealing With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

After saving Reid’s life last season, Garcia is dealing with PTSD. She’s not sleeping and she’s on edge, especially with Rossi’s unsuccessful attempt at getting Emily Prentiss to return to the team. Reid is still recovering from his being shot, but is pushing forward.

3. The Villain on the Premiere Is Called a Butcher

The unsub is called the butcher because he severs all the body parts of the victims, but leaves the torsos. The ritual of cutting the bodies is what satisfies the unsub. Kerr Smith (Dawson’s Creek) guest stars as the villain who keeps his victims alive as he tortures them to death … for 48 hours. When Rossi and Callahan question the unsub, he is uncooperative and doesn’t let them search his property. He then attempts to move the limbs he’s held onto and is caught by the team.

When speaking with the unsub’s wife, she had an anecdote about her husband’s past that she said should have been a clue.

4. The First Unsub Is Just a Client of The Butcher

It turns out that the first caught unsub doesn’t murder anyone. He has a fetish and just buys the limbs from The Butcher, who the team first suspects is a professor of anatomy. However, the team is wrong as the professor ends up actually being the first victim.

The Butcher is unsuccessful with women, so when his final victim tells him that she just wants to talk to him, he stops himself from severing another one of her limbs after cutting off her arm. The victim tricks the Butcher into untying her and she gets loose. Fortunately, the team catches the victim before the Butcher finds her, though Callahan gets a little hurt.

5. A Long-Term Unsub Enters

Remember The Replicator, a season-long villain on the show? Well, now it’s time for a second season-long unsub and the new one was presented on the premiere. The case in this one is actually unsolved as Callahan and Hotch each suspect. The Butcher was not the one who kidnapped the women. They are actually being kidnapped by others who are selling them into human trafficking.